Homecoming Askings: Rounding off the Top Ten!


Gavin Gondalwala (11) suprises Jordan Weiss (11) with The Abode Asking!

Evelyn Chan, Photojournalist

And just like that, we are officially on to our third week of October! So by now, you’ve either already scored a date, are still trying to figure out the right person to ask, or have made different Homecoming plans. Better yet, you know exactly who you’re going to ask, but you just don’t know how. If that perfectly describes you, you’ve come to the perfect place — Welcome to part 2 of the original “Homecoming Time!” article! If you have not yet checked out the first part of this story, feel free to search that one up, then come on back to finish up the entire list!


Now, to round off the top ten most popular homecoming proposals, enjoy the following:



  1. The Disney Date: If the person you would like to ask is a huge fan of the Disney empire, this is the perfect way to ask him/her to Homecoming! Simply use any pun from the Disney movies, or any of the well-known Disney couples to pull off a clever asking that will guarantee you a “YES!”
  2. The Stairway Surprise: Perfect for when you’d like to completely surprise the person you’re asking, the Stairway Surprise is best used if you know that the person you’d like to ask has a class upstairs. Then, while their descending from the steps, be waiting on the side with a bouquet and a treat ready to score yourself a Homecoming date.
  3. The Abode Asking: A more personalized approach, the Abode Asking is commonly reserved for when you’re willing to do some pre-planning and show up at the person-you’d-like-to-ask’s house with a cheeky asking. This asking allows for more creativity, from just chalk writing on the driveway or setting up something special in the house to ensure a positive response.
  4. The Romantic Romeo: Here’s when all the cheesiest of the cheesy lines break out. This approach involves getting in touch with your romantic side to use any ultimate couple analogy (“Every Romeo needs his Juliet, will you be mine for Homecoming?”) and your future date’s favorite flower and treat – all information you either asked his/her friends for, or you just know him/her that well.
  5. The Ultimate Asking: Ranging from singing an original song to flying a banner high above the school, the Ultimate Asking requires a full use of creativity and planning in advance – but will practically guarantee you a date to Homecoming.



Finally, a general tip to take into consideration before you go running off to prepare for your asking moment. Always make sure that the Homecoming Proposal you select is fitting for the person you are asking. You never know when the girl/guy just wants something as simple as a single rose and the question; but also, the girl/guy may wish for something a little more personalized. For example, Rachel Toledo (11) shares, “The guy would be in a full on tux, then he would leave [a note/hint/etc] for me in all of my classes, then at fourth period, he would be waiting with flowers and some type of food.” Bottom line is Mustangs, make sure you ask in a way that is undeniable by planning your asking around the personality/characteristic of the person you’d like to ask.


As always, don’t forget to let us know down in the comments below which Homecoming Proposal you liked most, or better yet, share some creative asking ideas of your own! We’d love to hear your opinions – sound off in the comments below!