Logic’s Powerful Suicide Prevention Anthem “1-800-273-8255”


Logic’s 2017 VMAs Performance of “1-800-273-8255”; Photo Courtesy of MTV.com

Bita Zadeh, Photojournalist

When someone is feeling emotions they can’t explain, they tend to turn to music to be their voice. Logic’s new track “1-800-273-8255” makes a heartfelt attempt at assuring listeners that someone is there for them. Several crisis centers have actually reported that callers have mentioned Logic’s song, influencing and inspiring them to call.


Logic’s song, and especially his performance at the 2017 VMAs, had such a strong influence on fans that it boosted the calls coming into the National Suicide Prevention Hotline. With the help of fellow artists Alessia Cara and Khalid, the rapper performed one of his most significant hits. Accompanied by a stage full of suicide survivors, they made sure there was not one dry eye in the house. At the end of the song, the “Best Fight Against the System” winner gave a speech, bravely touching on the subject of mental health.


When the song was first released in April, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline had its second highest daily call volume in its history, and after his performance at the VMAs, the hotline had about a 50% increase in calls. The people out there that were hurting or uneducated or not knowing of a place or people they can talk to were finally given a voice.


The messages in Logic’s music extend far beyond matters of suicide. In his new album, “Everybody”, he touches on subjects such as anxiety, racism, being poor, and the list goes on. He said he wanted to rap about stories that others couldn’t. “I wanted to tell the stories of other people who may not have the voice I do,” Logic told Billboard. “I felt the necessity to discuss these things, because I am proud to be me, I am proud of where I come from, and at the same time, it’s also bigger than me.”


Logic made this song and this album for “all of you who are in a dark place and can’t seem to find the light”, and he really has changed lives.This is why you should speak up if you have a platform. It is so important and it matters more than you think.