Selfies Paying for College


A typical selfie, picturing a dog. Photo courtesy of Huffington Post.

Tulsi Kardani, Photojournalist

After graduating from high school, many students choose to pursue their education by going to college. Luckily in the United States, our primary education from K-12 is free, but for college more than 95% of the students have to pay to attend. As a teenager, paying for college is the first, biggest amount one has to pay, and it is not that easy to do so. Jobs, loans, scholarships, borrowing from parents or family might be some options, but not everyone is so fortunate to get such opportunities. Ever wish that there was a easier way of raising money for college such as taking a selfie and posting it? Well, in the society that we live in there are always solutions through technology.


Kiana Neising was a high school graduate who was having a hard time paying for college. It was difficult for her to ask friends for money, but through a website called GoFundMe, Neising was able to raise over 2,500 dollars. Neising received that money by simply creating a profile with a selfie picture. If a donor finds something interesting about someone’s profile and selfie, then they donate a desired amount for the tuition. Haley Smith (10) says, “It’s great to see such a website that support students who desire to further educate and get degrees. I think it’s awesome to see people create such websites that include the 21st century teenager’s style and behavior which is pulling out their phone and taking selfies! Finally someone took in consideration that selfies are not just a waste of time!”


Last year Mt. San Jacinto College issued a selfie challenge for their seniors. Whoever had the best selfie related to graduating students won 1,000 dollars! Brianne Hosford (12) says,         “It’s unbelievable that colleges are taking the time to create competitions and challenges that students will actually enjoy taking part in it. Money is the biggest problem for many students and seeing colleges step in and help is heart-warming, even though the challenges are something like taking a picture of yourself. It truly shows that colleges are supporting the future generation!”


A couple of weeks ago the Seneca College had their annual selfie contest which over 2,000 students and staff participated. Students and employees won at least 1,000 dollars for winning the contest with additional prizes like Starbucks gifts card, iphones, etc.


Currently, BankRate, an online organization, set up 3 scholarships relating to a future selfie. The participants have to capture a selfie of  something they see themselves doing in the future. The top two winners win 1,000 dollars and the first place winner receives 3,000 dollars. Seniors of 2015, that just might be a chance of winning some scholarship money so submit those selfies before October 31st on and win that money!  Ashray Kuparia (10) says, “ It completely blows my mind that one can receive money by just taking a selfie. Like why sit for hours reading 100 books for winning academic scholarships when you can pull out your phone and easily win 1,000 dollars without frying the brain!” The selfie scholarships, that colleges, organizations, and high schools are offering, are a great way of involving the teenagers of today. It opens the door for anyone to participate and pay for college through a process of pose, smile, and click!