It’s Tee Time!

Its Tee Time!

Sarah Chen, Wednesday Editor

Almost four weeks into the new school year and the YLHS Women’s Golf Team has been killing it out on the golf course.


These girls are doing exceptionally well this year. The lady mustangs kicked off their season with a win at the Royal Shotgun Tournament, hosted by Rosary High School, defeating five other high schools on the very first day of school, September. They opened Crestview League with a solid win against Foothill High School, one of their toughest competitors this season, with a score of 208-219. In fact, other than two losses, the YLHS team has won all other matches and it’s already halfway through season.


There are a total of 7 girls on the team this year; returning players: Brooke Graebe (12), Britney Sok (12), Kylie Sok (10), and Marcel Manalo (10); and new members: Sarah Chen (12), Lucy Baik (10), and Jade Braun (10).


Coach Dennis Riggs comments, “This varsity golf team is working hard this year to win League and make it to CIF. We have a couple of girls that can do [really] well in state championships.” Since most of the team are seasoned players, the new members are expected to do their best this season and continue the league champions title that the team has won 3 years in a row.


There’s a bit of pressure, but the girls are confident in their game. So far, the lowest team score has been 198 and the girls are aiming to break 190 this season. Britney Sok and Brooke Graebe are leading the team, both consistently playing under or close to par.


With half of the season left to go, the lady Mustangs hope to stay on top of their game and continue with the low scores and defend their league champs title.


Good luck Mustangs!