Cash Me Ousside Girl Signs on for a Reality TV Show

Danielle Bregolis poses for an Instagram photo.

Courtesy of US Weekly

Danielle Bregoli’s poses for an Instagram photo.

Stephen Serrano, Photojournalist

Everyone’s favorite meme signs onto a new reality TV show. First appeared on the ‘Dr. Phil Show,’ in September 2016, Danielle Bregoli instantly rose to fame. Dr. Phil had Bregoli on his show after her mom reached out for help parenting her “out-of-control” teen. As a result, Dr. Phil assigned her to go to the Turn-About Ranch for therapy. The Turn-About Ranch is a school residential school and treatment center for troubled teens from age 12 to 18. After going to the Turn-About Ranch, Bregoli returned to the Dr. Phil stage for another interview where she is a changed person. When asked what she thought about Danielle, Maddie Cusick (9) stated, “I think that Danielle is taking popularity that has come to her from her bad behavior. Also, I feel like she hasn’t learned her lesson.


With her catchphrase known across the world, Bregoli is most recognized as the “cash me ousside” girl because of her comment on the ‘Dr. Phil Show.’ Since then, Bregoli, now 14, has been keeping busy with endorsements and her followings on social media. With a whopping number of 7.5 million followers on Instagram, Bregoli has gained a huge fan base since appearing on the show.


The newfound stardom has sparked seven production companies being interested in investing in a Bregoli and her mother. While four of them want to create a reality TV show for Bregoli and her mother. As of March 27, Bregoli confirmed the rumors by posting pictures on twitter for her 14th birthday. In the caption, she hinted at a new reality show saying, “Getting a tv show & gonna be a millionaire at 14. Watchu all doing with ur lives?”


Many teens are immensely interested in the teen’s life and her fame. Others think that she is a particularly bad influence on other people and still doesn’t show respect. Alongside the reality TV show and fame, she and her mother would like to move to Hollywood from Florida. Managers and Bregoli’s mom prefer the move because she gets into too much trouble in Florida and needs therapy.

In the end, everyone’s favorite meme has tried to turn her life around and is getting a reality TV show in the near future. Although Danielle Bregoli could seem like a bad personality, people should not think twice about second chances and change for the better. Stay tuned because Bregoli could be starring in the next best reality TV show.