Club Spotlight: Ukulele Club


Photo Courtesy of Lefty Fretz: Ukulele Club is a new and popular club at YLHS.

Brooke Gagnon, Photojournalist

Ukulele Club is a brand new club formed this year at Yorba Linda High School. Four seniors, Elwyn Cruz, Marc Rubio, Garrett Deang, and Danison Gamboa, decided to form the club to spread their love for the ukulele and music. With this new club, students at Yorba Linda High School have the ability to enrich themselves with a unique form of music without enrolling in a class. The goal of the club is to not only teach others how to learn to play the ukulele, but to also spread joy and happiness through the language of music. The engagement in music is proven to improve visual and verbal skills, control heartbeat and blood pressure, boost immune systems, and reduces depression and anxiety (Huffington Post). Mustangs are able to have fun in this club while benefiting in many other ways, without even realizing it.


At each meeting, members have the opportunity to learn a new song along with a few new cords. Recently, members have been granted the opportunity to learn “Count on me” by Bruno Mars. By the end of the school year, members will be able to play about eight new songs on their ukuleles. It is great to hear Mustangs are expanding their musical skills through the mastery of a unique instrument.


The club president, Elwyn Cruz (12), said, “The Ukulele Club helps me to relieve my stress and forget all my worries and stresses from school. When I am at the club meetings it is like a whole new world. The only problem I have with playing the ukulele is selecting which song I’m going to learn to play next. There’s nothing as great as seeing the smiles on everyone’s face when we all play together. It is great to know that other students hold the same passion I do.” Surely, It is great to see our students are finding unique ways to connect with other students.


Even though the club was just formed this year, over twenty students have joined. Every meeting, more and more students attend because others have spread the news about how engaging and interactive this new club is. The club meets every other Thursday at lunch in Mrs. St. Amant’s room (Room 364). Anyone is welcome to join! Students do not have to own a ukulele to join. The club and its members have many ukuleles to share, so all students have the opportunity to learn. Remember Mustangs, uke can do it!