The Role Of Robots In The Future


Photo courtesy of Robot Trends.

Madeleine Katz, Photojournalist

As technology advances, more and more tasks are going to be able to be done completely by robots. Over the next few years, thousands of jobs will be completed by robots, meaning that many workers will be put out of work. Some of the jobs that will be done by robots include factory workers, bus and taxi drivers, telemarketers, receptionists, bank tellers, and many more as reported by Computer Hope.

Nowadays robots can do just about anything ranging from making a meal to predicting a human’s attitude, age, and personality just by making eye contact.

The jobs robots will take over is not limited to just blue collar jobs. A variety of white collar jobs are also in danger of being taken over and becoming obsolete. Telemarketers have the highest chance of being replaced by robots with a 99% chance. Even fashion models have a 97.6% chance of being out of work due to robots taking over their jobs, according to Business Insider.   

Currently, robots are playing violins for entertainment in China, acting in plays, and giving tours at museums.  In addition, robots are being used in the medical field to do jobs, such as giving hospital patients anesthesia. ¨The FDA approved Sedasys for patients 18 and older, but several anesthesiologists are sounding the alarm and challenging the safety of the technology,¨ stated Business Insider.

Jenee Anekwe (9) who plans on pursuing a career in the medical field stated, ¨Robots working in the medical field has both benefits and drawbacks. Robots can be more accurate, so that would probably lead to a high success rate in operations. But the robots decrease the sentimental value/ feeling that humans have when interacting with their patients. I would not want robots working in the medical field because that would also hurt the economy by taking jobs away from people.¨

In the future, everywhere you go you could find robots. When you go on vacation, robots would be everywhere from the moment you get into the cab and see a robot driver to when you check into the hotel with a robot which is already being done in parts of Asia and when you want to eat, a robot would be cooking your food at the restaurant.

One of the more logical careers in which to use robots would be firefighting. It would prevent the risk of firefighters getting injured or dying. Also, robots can spray more water than a human, putting the fire out faster. The robots can also be easily fire resistant and deal with fighting fires in higher temperatures.

There are many ways robots will make positive contributions to society, but they also have a chance of harming the economy. Robots are already taking over entire work fields and they are predicted to take over several more careers in the next few years.