YLHS Fashion Club


photo by Pauline Ngo

Pauline Ngo, Thursday Editor

Imagine having a stressful day at school and wanting some time to forget about it. Lucky for you, there is a new club that will help you relax and just have fun!

Fashion Club is a place to express your creativity and meet people who share the same interest as you. Throughout the year, the club will be meeting twice a month in Mrs. St. Amant’s room during lunch to learn and make unique do-it-yourself projects. Flower crowns, chokers, sharpie mugs, and candles are just a sneak peak of  some of the things we will be making.

Not only is the club making DIYS, there will be fashion discussions about current trends and monthly favorites. Hopefully, students can learn from these discussions to vamp up their outfits.

As a place to allow creativity to grow, music will play a significant part during the meetings. Music will definitely loosen up students’ moods from their first four periods. A benefit of joining the club is that members will also be introduced to new music!

What made Vanessa Le (11), co-president of Fashion Club, to make this club was that she wanted to make a type of unity where people can feel like they belong. Moreover, Vanessa believes people will benefit from Fashion Club because “there’s nothing better than spending time with people who are just like you.” Most students throughout high school don’t exactly know where they fit in, but she hopes creating this club with Erlandette Ramirez (12), the co-president, and her two vice-presidents, Pauline Ngo (12) and Alexis Atkins (12), will help students realize that they could just be themselves, surrounded by a ton of other people who are just like them.

Members will learn to develop their minds to think creatively and “outside the box,” in this club, which will help them in the future.