Fall Sports Off-Season–Girls Golf and Tennis

Christine Ding, Photojournalist

As the fall sports season is fading away, the winter sports season is approaching. After a long time of season competing, players finally get to have some time to relax and enjoy the off-season. However, some people may ask, how do the players practice during off-season? Fall sports including golf and tennis started of with a good off-season. Lets can find out how they practice from many coaches and players.

Girls Golf season just ended in October. Both Varsity and JV Girls had very good season. Now after the season, the girls need to keep on practicing so they will be prepared for the next year. Coach Riggs, the head of YLHS golf program, stated, “The girls golf is a competitive program. The players are under contract to get their grades if they practice. The girls off season consists of at least 2 practices a week and 2 rounds of golf a month. Players also have to write and know golf rules. All this is turned in on every Friday. This is just the minimum. Playing golf should be fun.”

Karissa Dole (10) from varsity golf stressed, “Off-season for golf is a chance for golfers to refine their golf skills. It is time where golfers can hone in on the hit picky details of their game. The on-season is the result of your off season.” She continued to explain some personal experiences, “On-season is an opportunity to meet other girls who have the same interest as me. Off-season allows golf to be more relaxing. It allows me to go out on my own time and play without the pressure of scoring to win a match.” After the long preparation of off-season; Coach Riggs has very high expectations of the girls. He stated, “I expect my girls team to be ready to play when season starts. That means not waiting to the last minute to start practicing. They should have a positive attitude and willing to learn. They need to play the best they can everyday.”

Girls Tennis just ended their season as well. Coach Shanahan, the YLHS JV Tennis coach stated when it comes to off-season, “Off-season training is very important. Our girls train each year to run the ‘Shamrock and Run’ 5k race in March so we do a lot of cardio and distance running. I expect each player to spend every off-season getting substantially better. Every athlete has something they can work on. Even my best players who had excellent seasons should still be motivated to improve and strive for greatness. Always stay hungry; even when you are deep in the rotation or deep into off-season never lose your edge.” With all the cardio trainings and practice, Coach Shanahan is positive that the girls will have a good season next year.

In conclusion, off-season practice is vital to Mustang athletic success.