Making America Great Again

Donald Trump the next president.

Grace Kim, photojournalist

The presidential campaign has finally come to an end. Some found the results shocking and others were delighted. As Donald Trump becomes the 45th president of United States here are some changes America can expect.

Repealing and replacing Obamacare is something that can be expected in the near future. During one of Mr. Trump’s speech, he was discussing the burden of The Affordable Care Act and the urgency to be repealed. The Affordable Care Act, also called Obamacare, gave low income families health insurance. In turn, Donald Trump would create a public policy to expand and improve health insurance for a more broad audience.

In addition to repealing and replacing Obamacare, the United States can expect a withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Trans-Pacific Partnership is a trade agreement between the countries: Australia, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, United States, Vietnam, Chile, Brunei, Singapore, and New Zealand to eliminate trade barriers between these countries. This trade agreement was meant to increase the export of “Made in America” products abroad and for smaller business owners to get their product in the market. According to Donald Trump, he would use  “fair bilateral trade deals that bring jobs and industries back onto America shores” .

In a recent video, President-Elect Donald J. Trump told of his plan to create more high paying jobs by canceling restrictions on “productions of American energy.” With the restrictions, many citizens felt that America had became more reliant on foreign energies and that the price of gasoline went up due to this dilemma. Donald J. Trump wants to make sure that production of American energy will come from the United States, so that there will be an increase in jobs.

Throughout the Trump campaign, the phrase “build a wall” has caught many people’s attention. Whether one is opposing this matter or supporting this idea, Donald Trump felt strongly that a restriction on the illegal immigrants should be made. Mary Liu (10) “doubt he will actually do this, but his thought is very dangerous.” The idea of building a wall on the boundary between Mexico and United States seemed impossible. Well, the impossible may come true! As the future president, Donald Trump has made it known that he will build a wall and not only that, but will also make Mexico pay for the wall. How can he make Mexico pay for the wall? According to Washington post, Donald Trump will threaten Mexico by cutting off the millions of dollars immigrants send home a.k.a Mexico.

In the end, the future is untold and whether Donald Trump will make a phenomenal president or a disgraceful one, no one knows. Let’s make America great again.