Philippines Announces Separation from United States and New Alliance with China

U.S. International Relations


President Duterte and Xi Jinping of China Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Wayne Chan, Photojournalist

The Philippines President, Rodrigo Duterte, has announced his separation with the United States and the new alliance created between his country and China.

This tension recently escalated when President Obama criticized of President Duterte’s policies. The comments infuriated President Duterte, so he retaliated by calling President Obama “son of a b*tch.” Then he proceeded to announce his separation from the United States. He proceeds to align his country with the geopolitical rival of the United States, China (the guardian).

President in his crusade against illegal substances, or shabu, has authorized a massive crackdown on all drug lords and pushers. He has shown his eagerness to cross the lines of morality to accomplish his goals. President Duterte said to the guardian that in Philippines “there is no law that says I cannot threaten criminals…I do not care what the human rights guys say. I have a duty to preserve the generation. If it involves human rights, I don’t give a shit. I have to strike fear” The number of drug related killings in Philippines have soared up to around 3800. Not only has President Duterte mobilized his police forces to carry out mass killings against any suspected drug dealers, but he also encouraged the citizens to partake in this purging. President Duterte has offered medals and cash awards for those who kill drug dealers (the guardian). As a direct result of this, vigilantes now roam the streets killing citizens, regardless of innocence and guilt. Deaths caused by vigilantes has reached numbers around 1100 (TIME). From the police operations to extrajudicial justice, innocent civilians have died; some accused of drug dealing, others killed out of spite, then accused of drug dealings, and citizen caught in the crossfire. About the lawlessness of President Duterte’s policies, Matt Lee(10) says,

“death in the first place seems like a very harsh punishment, one that doesn’t meet the crime. I think they should just make the sentence a lot of jail time and improve investigative methods to prevent fraud.”

After aligning with China, Philippines secretary of trade promised that a $13.5 billion deal will be signed between Philippines and China. Furthermore President Duterte has visited over 200 business people of China. The two countries also plan to resolve conflicts over South China Sea through diplomacy (the guardian).

Days after the vulgar curses Rodrigo Duterte hurled at President Obama, he expressed regret and clarified that he doesn’t intend for Philippines to completely separate from the United States, but instead to separate from US foreign policies.