Introducing a “First Man?”

Bill Clinton stands next to a poster with the humorous suggestion of First Dude as Bills new title.

Bill Clinton stands next to a poster with the humorous suggestion of “First Dude” as Bill’s new title.

Lily Rajaee, Editor

With the upcoming election in November, Americans are realizing just how historic this election year is. Surely, everyone can agree that this presidential election is one like no other in many ways. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have approached their campaigns in unique ways which have continued to surprise the voting population.


One of the most obvious factors that is making this election so unique and historic is the fact that the United States could be having its very first woman as president. Throughout American history, the position of Commander in Chief has been solely considered as a “man’s job.” However, this election has proved that a woman is in fact capable of winning this title and performing the duties that men have done for the past hundred years.


Another aspect that makes this presidential race so unique is the fact that Hillary Clinton’s spouse, Bill Clinton, has already served as the president before. This would mean that Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton would be the first married couple to have both had the opportunity to be leaders of the United States.


With all this being said, these unique circumstances have raised a variety of interesting questions, like “What are people supposed to call Bill Clinton if Hillary Clinton wins the race?” Traditionally, the president’s wife has always been called the First Lady. However, since the roles could be switched, citizens are having fun coming up with names for Bill Clinton’s title. Titles such as First Man, First Gentleman, First Lad, and First Dude have all been suggested online and on political sites. It might seem like a small difference, but the decision of the title is important because it will set a precent for all the future “First Mens” that will come forward throughout time.


Sumesh Rawal (12) thinks that “it is interesting to see all the possibilities that people are coming up with.” Additionally, there is another aspect that people must consider solely in the case of Hillary and Bill Clinton. It is a custom in politics to always be addressed by your highest title, even if you are no longer serving in that position. This is simply a matter of respect. Therefore, shouldn’t Bill Clinton technically still be called President Clinton? In that case, it might be possible that there will be two active President Clintons in the White House.


All that can be done at this point is to wait and see what the political community decides on. It will surely be interesting to see that the committee decides on and to see a historic decision be made.