Clownin’ Around

killer clown; photo courtesy of

Bita Zadeh, Photojournalist

Our worst nightmares have suddenly come true. Creepy clowns are roaming familiar neighborhoods all around us. They have been showing up at schools, parks, and hiking trails trying to lure people into their trap.


It all started late this summer when clowns characterized as “creepy” had been spotted in South Carolina. They had been said to wave at people or just stand there and stare. A few weeks later, clowns had been spotted in many states around America; and they had mobilized. There were reports of clowns chasing people with knives or bribing children with money as long as they would follow them into the woods. Police commented that nobody has been harmed so far and that this very thing happens every year in the months leading up to Halloween so there is no reason to panic.


Even though this whole clown situation might not be a big deal, thanks to social media, these threats have been blown out of proportion. There have been Twitter and Instagram accounts made by “clowns”, threatening to show up at schools all around the U.S. Students are scared for their life, and some schools have actually been shut down on the days that clowns were supposed to strike. The news of these clowns have spread like wildfire. People thought it would stop, but it is just getting bigger. Now, people from cities everywhere are dressing up as clowns, trying to scare others.


Most sightings have been pretty far away, but suddenly there are now many sightings in O.C. This has spooked students at YLHS because of course nobody actually enjoys killer clowns. They haven’t threatened our school specifically, but have been sighted at local places such as Yorba Linda Regional Park. “If I see a clown near my house I am going to pack up and move away”, explained Rianna Patel (10). This is honestly how most of YLHS is feeling right now, but everyone should remember that they are just pranks.


If these clown sightings are just regular people trying to freak others out, should everyone be worried? Many people on the case don’t seem to think so. It has been pointed out that most people are most likely to run away from a clown that towards it and usually criminals prefer to stay inconspicuous, not walking around in brightly colored circus attire. If you decide to go out this Halloween, be careful and watch out.