Kim Kardashian Robbed of $10 Million Worth of Jewelry

Stephen Serrano, Photojournalist

Reality TV star, Kim Kardashian, was recently robbed in her hotel room in Paris, France. Kardashian was in Paris for the Paris Fashion Week when she was robbed at gunpoint by five men dressed up as police officers. She had about $10 million worth of jewelry in her room when the robbers came in.


Kim Kardashian is a media star breaking many headlines, but this incident is one of the only serious actions. Known for her TV show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” Kardashian was taking a break and visited Paris for the new fashion this season. Security at the hotel was decent, having some guards, but the robbers still seemed to get into Kardashian’s room. Her personal security guard was out  in the city with her sisters as the crime occurred.


Kardashian pleaded that she was alone in her room while they barged in. The suspects tied her up with zip ties and duct taped her mouth shut while they stole her valuables. Kim finally got out by slipping out of the zip ties and shouted for help from the balcony. Downstairs, her hairstylist Simone Harouche heard noises and then went upstairs after the incident to help out Kardashian.


Luckily, Kardashian was not severely hurt, only losing millions of dollars in jewelry. Her children were in New York and not harmed. On the other hand, her husband, Kanye West was in San Pablo and had to stop in the middle of his concert because of his family emergency.


Many officials are saying that this attack on the star was an “inside job” meaning that the entire hotel was in on it. Sarah Frazier (9) believes something otherwise,

“I believe that this was not an inside job and the robbers probably threatened the front desk to show them Kim’s room.”


Kim is now recovering from the incident while putting her show aside for right now. She is spending her time with family and close friends. Fans and other media believe that her ring, posted on social media, helped lead the robbers to her. Not only that, paparazzi surrounded the Kardashians during the time in Paris. The ring costed about $4 million which became a hot item to any robber would like to steal.


In the future, the Kardashians will all “beef” up their security having one with them almost all of the day. Kardashian will probably never see her precious jewels again. The robbers are on high alert and wanted for arrest in Paris. Best of luck goes out to Kim and her family as they recuperate after the robbery.