Sharks on the Prowl

Sharks are approaching the  coast but there are some simple ways to avoid being attacked.

Sharks are approaching the coast but there are some simple ways to avoid being attacked.

Everyone fears shark attacks. Typically there are not many cases of shark attacks in California simply because sharks are more fearful of us than we are of them. Recently though, a mile-long stretch of Sunset Beach and Surfside Beach in Southern California was closed off on Sunday (Jun3 5, 2016) after an Orange County Sheriff’s Department helicopter spotted three 10 to 12-foot sharks 150-yards off shore. Even though no one was in close proximity to the sharks, the beach was closed as precautionary. These sharks were not viewed as threatening because swimmers were hundreds of feet away. As the temperature out increases and so does the water temperature due to global warming and the El Niño experts are predicting it is more likely for shark sitings to occur. Avid beach-goer Ravi Patel (11) “loves the beach and going in the water. A small shark siting will not stop me from going this summer.”

Here are some tips to avoid a shark attack while still enjoying the beautiful Southern California beaches.

  1. Always swim in a group. There is always safety in numbers. If you are apart of a group, sharks are more likely to refraining from attacking because they too are fearful of what may occur to themselves.
  2. Don’t wander too far from shore. The further you go off shore, the more you are entering and disrupting their natural habitats. You may be viewed as dinner because you are so far out.
  3. Avoid the water at night, dawn, or dusk. Sharks tent to draw closer to the shore at night, dawn, or dusk because there is less activity going on and less to be fearful of.
  4. Don’t enter the water if bleeding. Yes, it is in fact not a myth. Sharks are drawn to blood because it is connecting to their pray dying. When a shark attacks a seal for dinner, blood is released into the water which attacks other sharks. Unless you want to be the next dinner at a shark feeding frenzy, it is best to avoid the water if you are seriously bleeding. A shark will not be able to detach a paper cut, however be warned that the salt water may sting.
  5. Don’t go in the water. If you are fearful of getting attacked the safest thing to do is to stay out of the water. A shark can not attack you while you tan at the beach under an umbrella.