Community Dance Festival Overview


Dance Company in their elevator costumes, performing as old ladies, moms, workout people, and babies.

Anais Gomez, Photojournalist

On Friday February 5th, Dance Company held their second annual community dance festival. The festival, held in the forum, featured performances by  Fullerton Union, Villa Park, Ayala, Buena Park, The Dance Spot, Brea Olinda Hi, Yorba Linda Middle School, and our very own Yorba Linda High School.

The dancers and Ms. Maes collaborated and put forth a lot of hard work in coordinating the event for it to be possible. The week leading up to the show the girls reviewed three dances they were going to perform at the show, the dances were: elevator choreographed by Mya Kough(12), elastic heart choreographed by Ava Kough(9), and blank by Heather Lawhorn(12). During many afternoons, and lunches the girls practiced technique and listened to the music to make sure they were fully prepared for the show.

Heather says that the reason she loves the Community Dance Festival, is because “it showcases the dancer and is all about expressing and sharing ones passion for dance, not about competing or being the best.” Sara Beason(12) says that her favourite part is “seeing what other schools bring to the table, they are all so different some focus on performance, and som on technique, so it is cool to experience a variety in one show.”

Some hardships the girls faced when organizing the festival was contacting and scheduling all the performers, and making sure everyone was comfortable and ready to perform while they themselves had to be ready to go on at any moment. One of the most unique dances was a tiki performance that was especially choreographed by experts of the tiki dance. This dance was started by a strong male lead who was then sequentially accompanied by rows of female dancers. The dance was memorable due to the intrinsic costumes and sharp movement. Overall, Dance Company did an outstanding job in bringing together amazing talent for the completion of a wonderful show.