New iPhone 6s


(Photo Courtesy of Apple)

Nicole Truong, Co-Sports Editor

It is a new year, and everyone knows what that means. No, it is not time to start that list of resolutions just yet. It is time to let go of that old iPhone and gaze in awe and wonder at the beauty and cutting edge technology that is the new iPhone. That’s right folks, the iPhone 6s has arrived.


Every year, in early September, Apple hosts a conference to announce its latest technology it plans to release. This year, Apple released its newest iPhone, the iPhone 6s. Not only is it a beautifully designed and sleek smartphone, but it also improves on the previous innovations of the iPhone 6 that was released last year.


The iPhone 6s comes in four different colors, space gray, silver, gold, and the newest edition even comes in rose gold. It includes the newest software, iOS 9, as well as the most advanced chip ever, the 64-bit A9, which allow users to have a faster processing, as well as enhanced graphic designs, while using applications. The newest iPhone also has the highest resolution camera, a 12 megapixel camera, in a smartphone, which means it can take high quality pictures as well as a professional camera can. Remember all those cracked screens and that fear of dropping your phone? Well, that paranoia can be dispensed of now that the iPhone 6s comes with a new glass that better protects against scratching and cracking. According to Apple, it is the strongest and most durable glass used on any smartphone.


However, the biggest addition to the iPhone 6s is the new 3-D, multi-touch design. This recognizes the pressure the user puts on their fingertips as they are using their phone and responds accordingly. This allows for users to complete tasks quickly and efficiently.


Quite simply, the iPhone 6s is yet another revolutionary Apple innovation. According to Emma Wenz (12), the new iPhone is “amazing and I hope I can upgrade my phone soon!” The iPhone 6s has achieved rousing success and popularity, and Apple can only seem to continue to create brilliantly designed technology.