Like or Dislike It?

Facebook’s New Dislike Button


The new Facebook Dislike button is rumored to resemble the like button, just upside down.

Brooke Gagnon, Photojournalist

Like it. Favorite it. Share it. Retweet it. Dislike it? Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced the introduction of a dislike button. The social media site is currently working on adding this special and unique feature to the networking site. Facebook’s 1.5 billion users have been requesting a way to express their dislike for posts and photos for quite some time now (The News Room FB).


The release date is still yet to be announced; however, controversy is already stirring. Zuckerberg stated that the purpose of this new button is to allow users to express other emotions besides simply “liking” and agreeing with a post because not all pictures and status are joyful. A dislike button opens a whole new door for expression of feelings through social media.


Yet the dislike button can also lead to hate. People may abuse this button to display their animosity towards others. While many are fond of this idea, many also do not support the creation of a dislike button. Neelja Bhajat (11) stated, “the introduction of a dislike button to Facebook for users to access is cruel, hateful, and inconsiderate towards one’s feelings.” Many believe a dislike button will only add to the overwhelming amount of hate already on social media. Users are stating that more negativity does not need to be brought to the site. If one does not “like” a post they simply do not need to like or comment on and can move on instead of attempting to bring the person down.


Users are divided on whether or not this button will help or harm the site. Users will just have to wait some time to see how it all plays out for a release date is not in the near future. This much anticipated and controversial new button is rumored to look like the “like” button, just upside down.