iOS 9 Update: The Power of Technology!

Photo Courtesy of

Hailee Ramirez, Photojournalist

Apple has recently come out with a new innovative update, also known as iOS 9, that has people all over Yorba Linda and the U.S. having positive or negative opinions on its features. Personally, I think  iOS 9 has been very helpful and beneficial to me since I installed it. The update includes a low battery power saving mode that you can turn on when your battery percent gets to 20 percent. According to Apple’s official website this feature is supposed to help your battery last up to an hour longer when turned on ” thanks to ambient light and proximity sensors”. Obviously, at Yorba Linda high school we are always on our iphones whether its texting or using it as a teaching tool, so our battery drains like no other. Well, now that is not an issue thanks to apple’s intelligence, and students at YLHS are loving it. Trent Kossick (10) states “I love the new iOS 9 low power saving mode because my phone battery lasts me the whole entire school day even with me constantly on it”.


Of course, Apple did not forget to improve Siri, the “built in digital assistant”, ( Siri is more intelligent than ever. I asked her if she could show me pictures from 2 years ago and that’s exactly what she did. Also Siri records when I listen to music and what genres I listen to, then waits till I plug in headphones or turn on Bluetooth then starts playing my music. For me this is extremely astonishing and innovating , but for Mason Lindsey (10), it is not, he states “Siri will start randomly playing my music during class, and get me into trouble”.  Siri may not be a beneficial tool to other YLHS students, but for me she is a very reliable and accommodating component.


Normally, I have never been a fan of some of the built in apps Apple has provided on their devices, but the ones on iOS 9 are actually a huge fan of mine at the moment. A few of the built in apps are news, notes, find friends, wallet, and weather. I really enjoy the news app because it lets me pick out my favorite news articles and search topics I’m interested in to read about. The notes app has always been used very often by me because it is an easy and fast way to write down my thoughts. Now you can access all of your notes from all of your devices which is very favorable to me when one of my devices is at home or out of  reach. Trent Kossick also agrees because he states “I like how you can access all of your notes from any of your apple devices”. There are a ton of built in apps from iOS 9 that are exceptionally helpful, but Devonna Qumsieh (10) claims “the built in apps just slow down her iphones software”.  Are you a hater or a lover of the iOS 9 update?