Battle of the Waters


Sasha Eudaimond

A popular water brand, Kirkland Signature.

Lucy Lu, Photojournalist

Water, the liquid we drink every day and depend on to survive. Even though water serves the same purpose and is all H2O, the difference in taste is unique between brand and brand. With many of us buying water instead of drinking tap, is the taste really different enough to be constantly spending money on? Today three brutally honest teenage girls will tell you their opinions (special thanks to my friends Sasha and Sierra for their help). The brands being covered will be Dasani, Kirkland Signature, Arrowhead, and Nestle Pure Life.

Probably the most commonly seen brand of water, Dasani is all over the store shelves, being sold ridiculously overpriced in amusement parks, and in almost all vending machines. Dasani gets a rating of 4/10. Even though the ingredient list only shows water, Dasani has almost a salty taste from the minerals. The flavor isn’t pleasant to us, however, many like it for its flavor profile. 

Known as the Costco water, Kirkland Signature is exclusively sold at Costco in giant 48 packs. We rate it a 10/10 as it doesn’t taste like hard water or plastic. Another bonus is that it’s relatively cheap. According to the brand the water is sourced from natural springs but, we don’t really know what that means

Arrowhead is our least favorite we taste tested. In the opinion of Sasha Eudaimond (9), “It tastes like bad air.” The water gets a 2/10. In our opinion it tastes nasty as it has a plastic-y flavor and it doesn’t feel as thirst-quenching so you have to buy and drink so much more compared to other brands. 

Last but not least, Nestle Pure Life bottled water. We really like this brand as it brings back childhood memories for us as this brand is often given out at dance conventions and competitions. It receives a rating of 9/10. The consistency of this water seems almost thicker somehow compared to the other brands and overall is just so refreshing after breaking a sweat.

Overall, our best-ranked water brand is Kirkland and the least is Arrowhead. We deeply believe buying bottled water is worth it as the taste is so much better than tap. Our opinions are completely biased as they are just what we think. If you disagree, which water bottle brand do you think is the best?