Nature as Guidance

A pastel pink sky is a beautiful contrast beside the field of flowers that  grow below


A pastel pink sky is a beautiful contrast beside the field of flowers that grow below

Bella Smith, Photojournalist

When I´m stuck inside my head, going outside is usually my release. It’s pretty odd but I’ve recently gotten into the habit of walking laps around my backyard. They could be at a slower pace while in thought or faster when I’m in need of releasing emotions. I feel like nature has lost far too much popularity since all our recent advancements in technology. Turning to scroll through your phone puts your problems on hold, but confronting them is a fail. I feel like we sort of boxed ourselves from what we were originally meant to live off of. A lot of people love nature, but I wish it was more relevant. Living naturally by and with nature goes down to our roots, it’s aesthetically beautiful. It provides a chance for exercising and adventure, for mindfulness and a place of patterns to notice and learn from. Matthew Smith (11) states, “It’s always nice to clear your head, it seems boring until you’re out in the sun.” Although our homes are an oasis of comfort, challenging yourself to limit yourself could have a far more positive effect.

Nature is gorgeous. A lilac lagoon of sky along with water colored corals of sun. The soft stale air is warm to the touch of your nose yet slightly cooled around your neck. The trees dancing to the wind’s song, It’s eerie yet hollowed out, but you’re laid limp at peace over the sight of dawn. I hope this describes a pretty picture. The pretty auras of nature are limitless. They’re fluid and constantly changing by the seasons and sun, but beyond this there’s a place of peace for almost everyone! Outside is pretty every now and then but there’s little comparison to pictures found on pinterest. This may sound contradictory but once you’ve created a filled board of nature, your hopes to experience them in person is beyond. But maybe think about it, what type of nature touches your heart?

It’s always nice to clear your head, it seems boring until you’re out in the sun

— Matthew Smith (11)

Nature naturally supports a healthy lifestyle. The exercise of adventure, sun, and growth of fruits probably has everything in mind for living healthily. There’s a lot of places to have fun exploring, from caves, river rafting, the beauty of the weather that ranges- exploring ghost towns, it’s endless. Back then road tripping was a popular pastime, there´s no problem with it´s loss of popularity but itś sort of upsetting how we made such a stark switch to technology, having that childlike sense for adventure is something really wholesome. Each trip is a mystery filled with the most curious novelties! 

Lastly, the patterns of nature! Going outside for walks is helpful for mindfulness. Sometimes you need a break to pause and sort your head. Take deep breaths while getting some sun. While I’m outside, I sometimes make fun with superstitions. Blowing dandelions for making wishes, seeing crows as bad luck, or even more realistic with finding wholesome meanings- trying to find something out of maybe nothing.