How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship


Milo Martinson

Maintaining a stable relationship is more than just receiving pretty flowers all the time, although it is a major perk!

Milo Martinson, Photojournalist

Many may wonder how to move forward with Valentine’s Day in our rear-view mirror. Whether Valentine’s Day was enjoyable or not for you, whether a romance blossomed or diminished, we are all thinking about our next move. With spring approaching and the season of love following close behind, many of us hope to keep these special people in our lives for many seasons. But how do we attain that? What do we do in the hard times that come with high school relationships? How do we even navigate this new world we’re about to enter? Luckily for us, some of these tips might help guide us. 

As cheesy as it sounds, the number one rule in any successful relationship is communication. The ability to communicate your thoughts and feelings to another person is a skill we should all value, especially within a romantic relationship. No matter the conflict or the scenario you find yourself in, being able to communicate with your partner will help you out quite a bit. If you can’t depict what’s going through your head to your partner, you’ll have difficulty connecting and finding a solution. It’s important to remember that your person isn’t a mind reader, so you can’t expect them to know precisely what you’re thinking. It’s a skill that ties into every part of a good relationship, especially a long-term one.

Another thing that often goes overlooked is the ability to have humility. In a relationship, you can’t always be correct. There will be times when you are in the wrong, and you’ll have to step outside yourself to view things objectively. Putting yourself in your partner’s shoes is essential to having a healthy relationship, and having the strength to put yourself aside when your partner needs it. This doesn’t mean having no self-regard. It just means knowing when to humble yourself for the sake of your relationship. Having enough self-respect to acknowledge you are in the wrong is a tool that will significantly benefit you in all aspects of your life. 

Patience is a virtue, especially within relationships. In order to successfully achieve a long-term and healthy relationship, you will need patience. Relationships are hard! It takes a lot of effort to build a foundation of trust with someone and even more effort to maintain it. Working with someone on such an intimate level is a lot to juggle, but it’s worth every moment. The ability to be patient and realize that it’s not always going to feel like sunshine and rainbows is a beautiful thing. You’ll find yourself feeling more at peace within yourself when you have patience for the world and for those around you. 

Love is the bonding of two individuals’ paths, their roads in life becoming one as they walk their through life side by side.

— Cesar Diaz (12)

A good relationship is all about balance. It’s not easy, and it takes lots of time and energy to make a good relationship work, but it’s worth it in the end. Cesar Diaz (12), who has been in a stable relationship for about three years now, states, “Love is the bonding of two individuals’ paths, their roads in life becoming one as they walk their through life side by side.” Overall a relationship is about teamwork. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable with someone and sharing intimate moments, all while working together to get through the ups and downs. No one ever said it’s easy to do, but once you can have that sense of closeness with another person, you’ll notice the work will start to feel natural. 

Many things come into play regarding romantic relationships; however, knowing some key elements that will help you get through hard times can go a long way. Doing your own research, talking to professionals, and learning more about yourself are all things I recommend when hoping to get into a serious relationship. Always ensure you are safe and ready for whatever situation you put yourself in, and always remember consent is critical. Only you can know your comfort levels; the best thing to do when you feel uncomfortable is to trust your instincts! Everyone is meant for love at some point in their lives; there’s no need to rush anything if you simply aren’t there yet.