Paramore Is Back!


Faith DeSio

Paramore is back together and just released their first album in 5 years!

Faith DeSio, Photojournalist

On September 16th, 2022 the popular band Paramore posted a their Instagram a cover photo with the caption “‘This Is Why’ the song. Sept 28.” This sent fans spiraling into a craze about their new music and what the band had yet to come. 


The well-known alternative/indie/pop punk/rock band with bright hair, amazing vocals, and fantastic production is back and better than ever.  


Paramore has been on a hiatus since their last album in 2017 titled After Laughter. From there, lead singer, Hayley Williams, has released a solo album titled Petals of Armor. Other band members had been working on their own musical careers. 


The band had a wholesome start. “Paramore was created in 2004 when friends Hayley Williams, brothers Josh and Zac Farro, Jeremy Davis and Jason Bynum would meet up and jam together after school. As most of the band apart from Davis were under 18, Hayley’s parents would drive them to perform at various shows and festivals. After attracting the attention of record label executives, the band, who originate from Franklin, Tennessee, was signed to Atlantic Records and Fueled By Ramen in 2005. However, shortly after this, Davis left the band citing personal reasons and was replaced by bass player John Hembree” (PLANETRADIO.COM). This did not stop Paramore from growing, learning, and creating music.


From there, the band developed a loving fandom, which encouraged the group to continue on their music making journey. “All We Know Is Falling was released in July 2005, along with singles Pressure, ‘Emergency’ and All We Know. The album reached Number 4 on the UK Rock chart and Number 51 on the UK chart. It also peaked at number 30 on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums in 2006” (PLANETRADIO.COM).


Paramore’s next album was released in 2007, titled Riot! This album took the world by storm to say the least. The single Misery Business was a top charting song at the time. Misery Business even had a revival in early 2021. This song was part of a controversy dealing with Olivia Rodgrido’s smash single Good 4 U eventually adding Paramore to the songwriting credits of the hit. 


The band was on a roll from there, picking up pace, going on tours, and even making music for films. Paramore’s song “Decode” was featured in the smash hit Twilight soundtrack. This song is loved by many and is now a cult classic.  


In 2009 the album Brand New Eyes was released. With no surprise, fans were thoroughly impressed with the intricate style of music. This album is where Paramore expanded on their different musical styles. This album included songs on multiple genres of music. “It topped the charts in many countries across the world including Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the United Kingdom, making it the band’s most successful album to date” (LAST.FM). 


From there the band dropped two more albums! “Paramore” in 2013 and “After Laughter” in 2017. Each album grew the fanbase as a whole. 


The band decided to take a break in 2018 after their “After Laughter” tour came to an end, leaving fans eager for more Paramore.


Fans’ prayers were answered in 2022 when the band got back together. Dropping a whole new album and international tour! Their new album This Is Why dropped on February 10th, 2022 containing 10 tracks, adding up to 36 minutes and 12 seconds of ear candy. The album has been received very well by fans and professionals. One YLHS student, Genesis Cullins (10) says “I really liked the album. I want to get the vinyl record version of it!”


I really liked the album. I want to get the vinyl record version of it!

— Genesis Cullins (10)


To say the least, the world cannot wait for what Paramore has in store for us next!