Cat Lovers Vs. Dog Lovers: Is There Really a Difference?


Katelyn Ruggles

Most people have many similarities to their preferred pet, like dog lovers being outgoing and adventurous.

Katelyn Ruggles, Editor-in-Chief

One of the most debated and conflicted topics in human nature is rooted in a simple question: Do you prefer cats or dogs? Those who favor one over the other go to lengths to show their love and appreciation for their preferred pet, getting shirts, mugs, or other accessories and decorations with phrases like “dog mom” or “I’d rather be with my cat.” Within this divided community, there are contrasting stereotypes that are put upon dog lovers and cat lovers. 


Taking a deep dive into the psychological aspects of pet owners, it is revealed that owners have a variety of similarities with their animals. It is common to say that pet owners are similar to their pets. Looking at both cat and dog owners, this theory holds true.


Like dogs, their owners are viewed as energetic and optimistic people who are full of energy. Essentially, they are extroverts. They love to play with their dogs and take them on walks or other activities. Sharing the same characteristics as their furry friends, this category of people are very friendly and open to people. Not wanting to be trapped at home all day, they are looking for new adventures and are most likely taking their dog along with them. Rowan Haupt (12) credits her love for dogs to her “adventurous personality” as she is “similar to dogs in she loves the outdoors, such as going to Havasu” with her dog Stella. 

My dog Stella loves swimming in the river whenever my family goes to Havasu.

— Rowan Haupt

In contrast, cat people are proud introverts. Instead of taking their pet out for a visit to the park, they much prefer curling up at home with a good book or show to binge, snuggling with their cat. This is not to say that cat people do not enjoy the presence of others, but they value their alone time and find true peace in the comfort of their home or safe place. The concept of having a dog being hyper and running around, barking, and licking things is not very appealing to the eyes of a cat lover. Typically, this group also shares a love of art, creativeness, and curiosity. 


However, when it comes down to it, is there really such a difference between those who prefer either cats or dogs. Sure, what these animals are giving back to their owners are presented in different forms, but it comes down to the fact that both dogs and cats provide their owners with comfort and happiness. Truthfully, this is the case with all pets. Whether it be a snake or a rabbit, people all share the universal love towards their animals. Whenever the discussion of preferring cats or dogs comes up, it is important to identify the similarities that connect all pet owners together.