How Many More Have to Die?



The school, the tragic event took place, a place that will always be remembered.

Payton Baughman, Photojournalist

A gunman kills ten at Buffalo supermarket in racist attack, a man is charged with murder in deadly California church shooting 9 dead, and finally a Texas school shooting results in 19 children and 2 adults dead: these are allll shootings in the past month and nearly fifty people dead. Yet, what are we doing to prevent these shootings (CNN)?

Since The Sandy Hook school shooting, killing 20 children and six adults, we are taught to expect kids as young as four to hide, barricade doors/windows,or run for their lives. That is the solution the government has given us – to put the responsibility in minors hands, and wish them luck!

“This is terrible, and shouldn’t be happening over and over again!” States a student at YLHS (Kylie Tsai 10).

But why are we not restricting gun laws? Many say they need guns for their protection, but do they really need a gun? So far guns have caused more deaths in the past month, than protect lives.

At this point, in any crowd we are in, we are nothing but sitting ducks. We are waiting for the next concert or school shooting, hoping that the dropped can at the grocery store isn’t a bullet. or that smack of a book isn’t a dropping body – hoping you never have to send that, I love you text or watch your best friend die. But at this point, it is likely to happen because no one is stopping anyone from buying a gun.

We are less concerned as a government with living lives, but we care a whole lot about the unborn. We care a lot about following the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution about the right to bear arms, but tend to lack following the first amendment in freedom of religion. Because not everyone believes in pro life movements, many other religions follow a different code of ethics if they have a religion at all (ABC Newsc).

Why are we so hypercritical of the U.S. constitution? Either follow the constitution or don’t?

Our country seems more divided than ever. We find ourselves following political parties instead of freely thinking.

And to be completely honest our political parties are hypocritical of their views anyways. Both say my body is my choice, yet want to force people to be vaccinated or keep an unborn child.

We find ourselves in a society full of fear, and our political parties are holding us down from creating a solution to save millions of lives. There must be action to prevent a child’s death, and maybe have some teachers to no longer go to school in fear.