Update on Nato and Ukraine’s war


Evan Vucci

President Joe Biden speaks about the Russian invasion of Ukraine during a news conference after a NATO summit and Group of Seven meeting at NATO headquarters, Thursday, March 24, 2022, in Brussels. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Payton Baughman, Photojournalist

As a war continues in the Ukraine, people wonder what NATO is doing. Now, what is NATO? NATO is a group of multiple countries, that if one country goes to war the rest will go as well.

NATO met last Thursday, showing they are more united than ever and showing the Ukrainians they are not alone (CNN News).

During the meeting the president of  Ukraine didn’t make his usual requests, instead he stated they are NATO ready, as they have had help from one of the best armies in the world for a month. Will NATO join the war? (CNN News).

Along with support for Ukraine, NATO has been supplying Ukraine with weapons. But have they been having trouble supplying these weapons? The short answer is no – they make sure the countries they are getting them from are in full support of them. 

Delivering these supplies and weapons are not a problem either, as the United States has look at time lines and charts to when these will arrive, making sure they will arrive on time (ABC News).

The United States is spending 2 Million dollars in lethal support for the Ukrainian (CNN News).

On Friday, President Biden will be visiting Poland, a country part of NATO, and how the country is helping refugees.

Although there is  a strain on the Polish country, the Polish people are no less than welcoming the Ukrainians with open arms (CNN News).

Poland is not the only country feeling this strain; Romania and others bordering the Ukrainian are not doing that great, but Biden is working on a plan mainly in Poland on having refugees come to the US (CNN News).

NATO, although different political views, are able to fight for countries, and are willing to dedicate themselves to create the best solution possible. As of now the war in the Ukraine is the biggest problem for NATO, and the organization would like to let Russia know they are more united than ever!

What do you think? Should NATO do more? Or is it doing too much? Will the United States of America be as warm and accepting of the Ukrainian refugees as the Polish people, or will we have some problems?

A student at YL states, “I think NATO is doing the best they can and I don’t know about the refugees?”(Kylie Tsai 10).

But there is  one question that still remains: are we safe? Has Russia broken many rules so far? What is not to say he won’t use guerilla warfare or nuclear warfare?