Is The MetaVerse The Future Of This Society?

Is the MetaVerse going to be the future of this reality?


Is the MetaVerse going to be the future of this reality?

Matthew Mantoura, Photojournalist

Recently, these past couple of months have been an upwards trend of the popularity of the Facebook MetaVerse. In essence, the MetaVerse is an online reality, similar to the movie “Ready Player One” that is about a person who lives his entire life using virtual reality, making money whilst doing jobs in the game. This reality is completely different to real life. In this life, you are able to change everything about your character, and are able to do almost anything. You are even able to make income from this reality, such as getting jobs. But some people are starting to worry that this reality is going to take over people’s lives.

In my opinion, I think this is a really cool aspect of virtual reality. It lets people live their dreams, but to an extent. This type of life seems pretty limiting, but there also is a lot you can do. I feel like people are going to be more social while experiencing the MetaVerse, and it can help others get to know each other. There are a lot of pros and cons to having a life dedicated to virtual reality. Jordan Luzzi (10) says “The MetaVerse sounds like a pretty unique idea.”  I feel like you would not be able to experience some of the things you would in real life because you are trapped in a virtual space.

This segues into my opinions about the bad aspects of having an entire life in virtual reality. The idea sounds pretty fun and innocent, but I feel like things can get odd very quickly. After spending most of your life in virtual reality, you realize the amount of time you could have spent doing this in real life. Sure, the idea may sound nice, not having to leave your home and do work. I feel like this type of life would get boring quickly. I would miss the aspect of real life.

Overall, I think that there are a lot of good and bad things that can come from the MetaVerse, as mentioned previously. I think that spending time in the real world, and interacting with humans physically is a lot more rewarding and feels a lot different than doing it all virtually. I also think that the ideas of virtual reality are really cool, as in being able to connect with people across the world, and more. Other than that, I think the MetaVerse will be a unique experience.