Esports are the Future of Television

The Valorants Champions Tour will have a lot of viewers.


The Valorants Champions Tour will have a lot of viewers.

Matthew Mantoura, Photojournalist

Since videos first came out, they have been a hit for broadcasting services such as the news. New stations would film people playing on their Tetris games and Nintendo 64s. Ever since Call of Duty was making hits, something called Game Battles became a thing. Game Battles are a wager system where each player makes a bet and they duel it out in said game to receive the winnings of the wager. This gained popularity as well, and then transformed into something astronomically bigger than what it already was.

Call of Duty eventually created teams and held tournaments, this being called ESports. This became a huge hit as a lot of people were already playing video games and now you were able to watch the best players compete head to head in tournaments. Call of Duty popularized this as they were the biggest in the scene at the time, hosting Search and Destroy tournaments. FaZe and Optic were at the top of the food chain for top Call of Duty teams as they were the biggest in the community and really made a huge impact on the game since there was little light on the pro scene at the time.

After COD (Call of Duty) made a huge impact on esports, it eventually led to esports transferring to different types of games, such as League of Legends, CSGO, Halo, etc. This transfer led to all different types of communities being extremely competitive and hosting tournaments to keep on spreading the popularity of esports. The most popular esports event, as of recently, was hosted by Valorant. They had 2 different tournaments, one being hosted by an NA team, known as Sentinels, having some of the best players in all of NA on their team. The second tournament was won by a Russian team, known as gambit, a former CSGO team.

It’s cool to see how much esports has grown throughout the years.

— Jordan Luzzi (10th)

Valorant has definitely brought back a lot of hype to esports, as it is a very thriving game, and hosting esports definitely shed some lost light back on the scene. Jordan Luzzi (10th) says “It’s cool to see how much esports has grown throughout the years.” The recent valorant tournaments had over 200k+ concurrent live viewers. In case you didn’t know, Valorant is a tactical shooter that came out over a year ago, and is now one of the most played games at the moment. Esports are going to keep on thriving due to valorants recurring tournaments and games that will be streamed to a lot of different viewers over the seas.