How to Travel Safely This Summer


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Since more people will be traveling this summer, people should do their best to keep others safe.

Tiana Salisbury, Photojournalist

As the number of COVID-19 cases is lowering and many businesses are reopening, many people are planning vacations for the summer. However, with the pandemic still going on, people must be mindful of what they are doing to stay safe. Piper Guyton (10) suggests that “people should wear a mask and stay socially distanced when traveling.” Along with this advice, there are many other things people can do to ensure that they stay safe this summer.

To begin with, people should do their best to keep their trips local. By traveling somewhere nearby, people won’t need to rely heavily on public transportation methods such as planes and buses. Additionally, staying local will make it easier for people to bring their own food and drinks, which will decrease the need to go to crowded stores and restaurants. If traveling to a farther destination by plane, for example, different precautions are necessary. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) require that masks are to be worn while on any form of public transportation. Since it is quite difficult to stay socially distant on airplanes, it is recommended that people wash their hands and use hand sanitizer frequently to ensure their safety.

Another recommendation for staying safe while traveling is staying in open areas as much as possible. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that COVID-19 is most likely to be transmitted in crowded, confined places, and suggests that people stay in areas where there is good ventilation. Therefore, people should try to stay in places that have outdoor balconies and open windows. This summer, camping would probably be a popular activity since it is not only an enjoyable way of traveling but also an acceptable way to stay in open areas. When eating at a restaurant, people should also try to sit outdoors since eating maskless inside a crowded restaurant will increase the possibility of contracting COVID-19.

There are also many things that people should pack with them while traveling during this summer. First and foremost, people should bring a couple of masks that are guaranteed to last the entire trip. Masks should be worn in all public areas. In fact, the CDC recommends that people double-mask to ensure greater safety. People should also bring portable hand sanitizer on their trips. It is highly recommended to use hand sanitizer after touching dirty surfaces. People may not always be near a sink to wash their hands, making hand sanitizer a very useful item to pack. Bringing disinfectant wipes can also ensure a safer stay. Disinfectant wipes should be used to clean anything that has touched a dirty surface, including keys, phones, and sunglasses. 

Since many people are likely to be traveling this summer, it is crucial to follow all guidelines concerning mask usage and social distancing. Doing this will hopefully keep people safe from the virus and allow everyone to have an enjoyable summer.