Why is the Tunnel More Important Than the Light?


Courtesy of Quote Fancy

The light at the end of tunnel is the happy ending we all want, but the tunnel is all the moments leading up to the light.

Emma Perron, Photojournalist

The idiom “light at the end of the tunnel” is often used when people are near the end of their life or going through a rough time and are almost done with the problem. Most people never take the time to thoroughly look through the tunnel and use the experience before the light as a life lesson. 

The tunnel is all the moments leading up to the light, which is the end of a situation or one’s lifetime. Every person going through the tunnel hates it at the time, but if you look back and see the events, they shaped you to become the person you are and lead you to where you are now. 

When most people talk about the light at the end of a tunnel, it is about going through a hard time and finding your way out. The tunnel is full of experiences that put you through trials and experiences to help later on in other problems down the road. 

The tunnel before the light of death is everything leading up to the end. The tunnel starts with birth, then birthdays, injuries, friendships, school, and hardships. Inside that tunnel are more tunnels that are smaller. They are the hard times in life you did not think you would get through. 

When looking back at the tunnel, you realize all those events made you, you. The tunnel is more important than the light because the tunnel helps you in the future, you experienced something new which could help someone else, and all those little and significant moments in the tunnel are the mosaics of yourself. 

The tunnel before the light for hardships is a little different. During the tunnel before, the light of problems is more complicated. That is a battle you do not think you can get through, where the light before the end of the tunnel for death is being lived every day. 

Avery Bollin (9) says, “I never thought about the tunnel before the light being a positive thing. It is cool to think about the tunnel having moments of your life that shaped us throughout our whole life.”

It is crucial to appreciate the tunnel and experiences because that helps you move forward in life. No one enjoys hardships but those little moments you thought you would never get by creating a better version of yourself with more knowledge and more life experiences. 

At the end of the day, the tunnel is everything leading up to the light at the end, the tunnel may seem lengthy and useless, but it makes up everything in your life. The light is just the start of a new beginning; we do not know it yet. Appreciate the little and big moments leading up to the ending because it all shaped you and helped you become stronger. Everyone needs to push through to make it past the light at the end of the tunnel.