Latest on the CoronaVirus


Courtesy of Kyodo News

The CoronaVirus has led to a stock market crash.

Fiona Salisbury, Photojournalist

The death toll of the CoronaVirus continues to climb each day. The death toll is well over two thousand and the amount of infected people is alarmingly close to eighty thousand people. The CoronaVirus has spread globally and every day new problems seem to appear.

Piper Guyton (9) believes that “the CoronaVirus is spreading so fast that it is almost impossible to ignore.” In the United States, there are currently fifty-three confirmed cases of CoronaVirus, most of which are passengers who were aboard the Diamond Princess. In China, over three thousand health care employees became infected with CoronaVirus.

According to the World Health Organization the CoronaVirus can not yet be considered a pandemic, but it has the potential to become one if countries do not work hard to stop it from spreading. Outside of China, South Korea, Italy, and Iran have been hit hard by the CoronaVirus. In South Korea, the number of infected people is approaching one thousand and their stock market took a steep decline. The South Korean government is in panic trying to stop the rapid spread of the CoronaVirus especially since they have the most infections outside of mainland China.

In Italy, there are over 200 infected people. The deaths that occurred in the north of the country have led the country to consider potentially shutting down their northern land borders. In Iran the government claims that there were twelve confirmed deaths, however, an Iranian parliament member claims that the death toll is much closer to fifty. Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Armenia have closed their land borders with Iran. Many airlines refuse to fly passengers from these three countries.

The CoronaVirus has negatively affected the global stock market. Stocks for cruise lines such as Norwegian and Carnival plummeted because people have been afraid to sail on cruise lines after hearing about the Diamond Princess. Companies like Apple that have many of their consumers and manufacturers located in China and other Asian countries have also been hit hard. Disney is expected to lose a lot of revenue because Hong Kong and Shanghai Disneyland are expected to be closed for months and theaters in China will also likely stay closed during Disney’s movie releases.

The CoronaVirus may seem out of control now, but people have hope for the future. The summer Olympics in Tokyo are still expected to go on without complications despite the CoronaVirus being in Japan and nearby countries. A vaccine for CoronaVirus is being developed. It is expected that the CoronaVirus will be an issue for a while more, but the world is working towards containing and controlling the disease.