Trump’s Impeachment Begins?


Claire Koltura and News websites in picture

President Donald J. Trump’s pictures from speaking conferences.

Claire Koltura, Photojournalist

Impeachment of a President has had mixed feelings stringed through the United States of America. A definition of impeachment happens when a president is removed from office based on criminal charges defined by laws. Talk about impeaching Trump has circled but hasn’t completely been established through the House of Representatives.


On Tuesday, September 24, Nancy Pelosi publicly announced the impeachment inquiry of current President Donald Trump Jr. President Donald Trump (Fox News). Curiously, Americans wonder which charges Trump may face within his impeachment and how this could affect his campaign in the 2020 elections. Both sides agree that it could either benefit Trump or bring out the truth in our President.


Throughout Trump’s ongoing presidency, Democrats continuously try to find a reason to impeach Trump. However, Democrats finally discovered a reason to impeach him that commenced through a phone call to the Ukraine President. Towards the end of the phone call, Trump asked a question to the Ukrainian President about Joe Biden’s son’s ties to working for their government.


Currently, all the focus is on the Democrats accusing Trump of pressuring Ukraine to investigate Biden’s son. Since former Vice President Joe Biden is a democratic running mate for Trump, these allegations stress the fact that unconstitutional acts for the election process make a potential democratic running mate less likely to have a chance to be voted as President.


Through the process to listen to more viewpoints, The Wrangler interviewed history teachers on the Yorba Linda High School Campus. Kelly Buchan (Staff) stated that he “thinks he’s gonna be politically weakened that will hurt his reelection chances or he won’t seek reelection.” In this scenario, Trump would be challenged by Democrats and a stronger Republican leader to run for President but only if he does seek reelection. Pat Wren (Staff) stated that when “Bill Clinton was impeached and his approval ratings increased dramatically.” Particularly, if Democrats fail to impeach Trump his approval ratings may rise, like Bill Clinton’s, allowing his campaign for 2020 to exceed and be President for a second term. Democrats pulled themselves into a difficult spot to impeach Trump.


Whether or not Trump will be impeached, nearly everyone has an opinion. Trump’s actions over the phone call with Ukraine maintained a thorough reason for the Democratic side to impeach him. As talks about Trump’s announcement of impeachment surf through the United States of America, Americans are forced to ask the question, “Will Trump be impeached?”