School Shooting in Washington

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Courtesy of

Nikhil Patolia, Photojournalist

Two students at Marysville-Pilchuck High School were found dead, and three in critical condition on October 24, 2014.  The shooter, Jaylen Fryberg, was a popular freshman at his high school and even had the honor of becoming the Homecoming Prince.  All of his friends were so proud of him for being crowned the freshman Homecoming Prince at their football game.  Jaylen was often described by his peers as an extremely nice, all-around good kid.


But then again, this was at the time of the Homecoming football game, one week before the horrific tragedy he brought to his school.  Within the span of one week,  Jaylen, a student that almost never got into fights at school, was the main victim of one.  He was being bullied by another student for being Native American and the fight that took place caused both students to be suspended.  Also, a few months before the shooting, he broke up with his girlfriend.  He tweets that the break up was hard on him and he still hasn’t forgotten the time they spent together.  He kept all the hardships that the break up had brought him and at the end of the week, he acted on those feelings.


All just within a week. Within a week Jaylen had gone from being cheered on at the Homecoming game to being asked: why?  Why did he do what he did to those that he loved?  Of those that were hospitalized from the events that took place, two were his cousins and the girl that passed away was one of his close friends.


There were clearly many things that could have happened to change his course of action, a major one including talking to someone about his problems.  Students at all schools have the opportunity to talk to someone about their problems like anyone from you parents to your school counselor.  “The counseling staff is available to talk to students who need help with any problem.  Students can drop in or even send an email”, says Mrs. Coulter, a counselor at Yorba Linda High School.  Taking the simple act of talking to someone about your problems can change the entire course of your life and others around you.  Talking to someone about a problem allows for you to find all the different solutions you can possibly find for the best outcome.