Students Don’t Attend School Events Often


Danielle Huizar

A small group of Freshmen at the 2018-2019 Welcome Back Dance.

Suhani Bhanvadia, Photojournalist

Numerous activities are held at Yorba Linda High School ranging from school dances to sports’ games. These activities allow students to make new memories and friends during their high school experience. Yet, many students find it much more amusing to stay at home rather than to attend school functions.


With such a low attendance at certain school events, YLHS may not have so many activities planned for the future. Do students not like being on campus outside of school? Are school functions simply boring to the average student?


Students do not want to spend their time doing something that may not even be enjoyable. Amber Han (10) says that the reason school dances don’t have a high attendance is that, “people do not find the events fun or relatable and would rather do something else they know they would actually enjoy.” With the little amount of time that students have left after school and extracurriculars, students would most likely want to ensure an enjoyable form of entertainment.


Most students already have busy schedules and want to spend their time doing something they know will be entertaining. School functions do not always guarantee students a fun activity, whereas simple activities like hanging out with friends at the mall is something people will do because they know they will enjoy it. 


However, schools can get more students involved by catering activities to what students find interesting. Amber Han (10) suggests that schools should “listen to the students to find out what they would want to do at the event.” If students find their interests at a school event, they will be more likely to attend other activities as well as invite their friends.


Also, most school activities are paid. Ticket pricing for various events may not seem too appealing for the average high school student. Although the school needs a source of revenue, students like Hannah Bucklin (10) claim that “ticket prices should be reduced because they can be fairly expensive.”


With few people attending school events, the student body seems to fall short in school pride. School functions are available to students in order to make their high school experience memorable. There are many reasons as to why students don’t want to or can’t attend these events, but if the school turns out to reduce the amount of school activities put on, students may walk through high school without a connection to school spirit.