Lady Mustangs Charge Strong In a New Tennis Season


Coach Lejano

A team photo of the 19-20 Women’s tennis varsity squad.

Sharon Sun, Photojournalist

As winter starts rolling around and hoodie sweaters make a comeback, students have begun catching sports fever as school athletics begin to kick off. The women’s tennis team, in particular, have had a spectacular start to the new fall season as they have yet to be defeated in their last eight games. The team officially returns to the League on October 8 against Brea Olinda and head Coach Lejano (Staff) is confident in the team’s ability to contend for the title. With a balanced mix of older, experienced players and young, talented newcomers, Coach Lejano states that “this [team] might be the strongest girls’ tennis roster [he has] ever coached in [his] fifteen years of coaching.” 


However, being on such a powerhouse run also puts the pressure on players to perform. “I think for this year,” added Coach Lejano, “our expectations are much higher.” He adds that their main goal is to improve each and every practice, putting in the work every day to grow better in an effort to edge out larger teams. “We don’t just want to compete against [the bigger teams],” he says. “We feel like we have a team that could possibly beat them.” 


Mentally, the squad always comes prepared before a match. Through highs and lows, the team always supports each other in hard games, forming a strong net of encouragement and positivity no matter the circumstances. Varsity captain, Juliana Kim (12), talks about the positive team morale before each game. “No matter how we hit, we always encourage each other,” says Juliana. “We just try to keep a positive attitude and say positive things to each other because sometimes we just aren’t having the best day. We just practice hard, be there for each other, and do our best.” This strong bond of team chemistry alongside a terrific mix of players keep the Mustangs at the peak of their abilities as they charge into the League.


So far, the tennis team has played through eight non-league games in preparation for their big league matches. The team has flawlessly recorded eight wins in each of its previous matches, and is looking to project its pre-season success onto the League and potentially onto the CIF playoffs. This year, the squad is looking for a better season in CIF, one where they can potentially take the title. Coach Lejano also expresses his belief in the team’s ability to succeed on the court this year. “I think that this team, if we continue to get better as players, as individuals, and as a team, can be one of the top contenders for the CIF division 1 finals this year.”