Club Spotlight: Self Care Club


An image of the Self Care Club instagram page and information bulletin.

Karina Shah, Photojournalist

Self Care Club is a club at YLHS that has had a rise in importance over the past year. Everyone has had some struggles throughout the pandemic and this club promotes well-being through mental and physical health. Self Care Club focuses on the student body, and their needs, by doing fun, relaxing, and inclusive activities every other week. 


Some of their most common club activities include meditation, talk circles, and group games. Meditation with Self Care Club starts off by asking everyone how they feel, as they start off every meeting with, and then using a special program that is scientifically researched to cause relaxation within the mind and body. Meditation can come in many different forms; including practicing breathing techniques that calm you down and demonstrating mental isolation from the world around you. “Talk circles are our best event because it includes everyone and gets people’s feelings out.”, says club vice president Isabella Rodriguez. Talk circles consist of anyone being able to speak about what they feel and answering questions like “what is one good thing that has happened to you this week, and what is one thing that you would like to improve?” These circles allow for community experience and as time goes on, friendships are able to be formed. Group games have been on the rise since the club has gone virtual this year. They play games like among us and Pictionary in order to provide a fun time for the members to destress from daily school life. 


These activities are great fun, and they serve a purpose too. The purpose of Self Care Club is to be able to help out the student body. The daily life of a student can be very stressful and busy. Self Care Club provides a period of time in your day that helps with the burden that students can face. Stress and depression are often things that can be overlooked, however, Self Care Club shows students that there are ways to help. Mental health is another great focus of the Self Care Club. Mental health tips are often given through things like infographics and articles during their meetings and on their Instagram. Stress relief is also a big part of the way that Self Care Club helps the students. They do many activities that revolve around relieving stress or creating a stress-free environment. 


This club is an open club, meaning anyone can join or come to their meetings. They promote themselves through remind and Instagram. In order to access the remind you to text the code “@ylselfcare” to 81010. The username for Instagram is @selfcareclubylhs. Join the remind and give them a follow to keep updated on where this club is going next!