Rihanna Presents FEИTY


Courtesy of Instagram

Rihanna expands her empire into luxury clothing with her brand new line FEИTY

Tiffany Vo, Photojournalist

Despite releasing her most recent album as long ago as 2016, Rihanna has been busy cultivating her artistic talents into other projects; her latest launch is her upcoming clothing brand “FEИTY.” Although she has released a successful and inclusive cosmetic line, Fenty Beauty, and lingerie line, Savage X Fenty, Rihanna has officially entered the field of luxury fashion.


At only 31, Rihanna has collaborated with Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH), the parent company of her makeup brand and the largest luxury conglomerate in the world, making her the first black and youngest woman to ever manage a luxury fashion label.


Bernard Arnault, LVMH’s CEO, highlights how “everybody knows Rihanna as a wonderful singer, but through our partnership at Fenty Beauty, I discovered a true entrepreneur, a real CEO and a terrific leader. She naturally finds her full place within LVMH.”


FEИTY consists of clothes, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses, and more, with sizes provided for all different shapes and figures. Because of Rihanna’s proclaimed love for menswear and denim, the styles can be seen reflected within her collection. She reveals, “I use myself as a muse. It’s sweatpants with pearls, or a masculine denim jacket with a corset. I feel like we live in a world where people are embracing every bit of who they are.”



With an inclusive clothing that strays away from the norm, Rihanna also rejects the idea of debuting her inventions onto the runway. The singer expresses how “people are always looking for the thing that hasn’t made it online yet. And as a consumer, I hate seeing something on the runway and then having to wait six months for it,” states the leading entrepreneur. “I had to wait all that time to get it, do I even…”


Vogue reports that prices will range from 225 to 1,200 US dollars; consumers can browse and shop the new and first catalog starting May 29.


However, when news of the prices reached social media, some users were upset at the high and expensive prices. Because the line targets modern women, one article points out the “hypocrisy” of the prices, for they are “out of touch with reality.”


Nevertheless, twitter user @Drebae_ refutes that people “support Gucci, Balenciaga, & Louis Vuitton to the death with NO complaints about their prices but it’s a MUST that blacked owned businesses be cheap & affordable for y’all to support?”


Other users also remind those that are upset that, as a collaboration with LVMH, a highly well-known fashion multinational luxury goods conglomerate, “FEИTY” is clearly a luxury brand, as stated when debuted.


Another feature from the unique collection is how Rihanna hires her designers and artists. She asserts how she is “always looking at grad collections, who’s about to leave college, who wants a year here. And we’ve done that with a couple young designers and a couple new ones are coming in.”


Brenda Perez (12) loves how Rihanna “allows young artists to thrive in luxury building, despite their level of experience.” It truly “encourages students to strive for big opportunities.”


To promote her fashion brand, Rihanna has posted several videos and picture onto social media, exciting fans who are eager to shop her new collection. The singer-entrepreneur also debuted a pop up shop in London, allowing local fans to browse and purchase the clothing before anyone else.