How long is too long to play Professional Sports?


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Above, Vince carter celebrates a team win with his team, The Atlanta Hawks.

Brandon Russell, Editor In Chief

When it comes to playing the sport one loves, from at a young age all the way to professionally, what is ultimately too much when it comes to continually playing professional sports? From NBA stars all the way to MLB pinch hitters, the strain and ultimate toll these sports takes on athletes bodies is grueling. But how much really can the love of sports drive athletes to continue playing the sport they so desperately love. Well, let’s look at NBA future Hall of Famer, Vince Carter.


Recently, Vince Carter, an NBA Veteran, announced that he will be returning for his 22 season in the league. If he follows through with this return, this will make Carter the longest active player in NBA history to play continual seasons.  This return in the paint almost begs the question whether one’s body can continue to face the pains and hardships that go along with being a professional athlete at the age he is. Drafted into the 1998 NBA Draft class, Carter’s return is one that is unprecedented within not only the NBA but in the sports world in its entirety. Being the only player left in the league during the 90’s draft class, Carter continues to stand out as an unprecedented player who can annually continue to play in the league.


What makes this story even more fascinating is the fact that Carter is not just a normal NBA Player. The future Hall of Famer is on the all time scoring list placing number 23 on all time points. Carter’s Hall of Fame, and all star career is one that provokes both grueling demands not only mentally, but physically as well. The travelling, road trips, and time away from family is something that is just another day in the life of an professional athlete.


The 43 year old stated in an interview with PTI, on Bleacher report, that “[my] return to basketball is confirmed, and that fans will be treated” to yet another year of vinsanity no matter “what jersey [I] am suited up in.” Cole Smith (12) is fascinated at the fact that “Vince Carter has decided to take his career and elongate it even more. It’s crazy how the love of a certain sport can drive people like Vince to keep on doing it until they can’t anymore.”


With the NBA Playoffs in full swing, fans of the NBA, and that of the sports world in total, is set yet again, for the 22nd time, with another year of Vince Carter Basketball. Hopefully, with much more to come.