The Reunion We Didn’t Know We Needed



A still taken of the brothers after the release of their newest single. They appear very different than they did 6 years ago.

Emily Ito, Section Editor

After a nearly six year hiatus, the Jonas Brothers have finally reunited. After months of speculation, the band confirmed their reunion with their newest hit. The song entitled, “Sucker”, was released on March 1, 2019. Teens especially are extremely excited for the band’s comeback and everyone is curious about what’s next for the musical brothers.

The Jonas Brothers are an American pop rock band formed in 2005. The sensationalized band was an extremely important element of pop culture for teens, especially those born between 1994-2006. Their rise to fame in the music industry was supplemented by appearances and performances on Disney Channel. The brothers guest starred on tv shows such as Hannah Montana, took top billing in the highly popular Disney film franchise, Camp Rock, and starred in their own television series entitled, Jonas.

Between 2005-2013, the band was at the top of their game. With 4 albums, two movies, a television show, 9 world tours, and a grammy nomination, the brothers were experiencing an immense amount of success. Although, during the end of 2013, the band announced their breakup.

Fans across the globe were heartbroken by the news. Following the breakup, Nick Jonas told Good Morning America that the brothers’ wanted, “to do our own individual things, all things we’re passionate about, and choose to be brothers first.”

Fortunately, music from the brothers did not stop. Since the break up, both Nick and Joe had taken on their own individual endeavors. Nick became a successful solo artist with numerous hits and began acting in various roles. Joe formed his band, DNCE, which was also met with much admiration. While Nick and Joe pursued their music and acting, Kevin took a break and focused on his family.

Many were unaware that the band was even mildly considering a comeback. Fans accepted that the brothers were blossoming as solo artists and pursuing individual lives and careers. The world was at peace.

But fans weren’t complaining when “Sucker” dropped.

The music video already has 75 million views on Youtube. The video features the band, their partners, the catchy song, and an interesting setting. Heightening the overwhelming euphoria of seeing the brothers back together is the appearance of their wives/fiances. With Nick being married to Indian actress, Priyanka Chopra, and Joe being engaged to Game of Thrones’, Sophie Turner, the star status of the film increased even more.

Many fans are thrilled to see their childhood musical artists perform together once again. While the world has come to know Nick, Joe, and Kevin as individuals, it feels right to see them back together. It’s the reunion that no one knew they needed.

The band is attracting an exorbitant amount of praise. Diehard fans are overjoyed by the nostalgia that their reunion brings and are thrilled to hear their voices perform together. Inevitably, their original fans are supporting the brothers and are screaming in excitement.

Yet the comeback has also racked up a completely new generation of fans. The youth who were not born during the height of the band’s success may not have been exposed to their music and brand. A new song, and possibly new album, is capturing the attention of a greater audience. In addition, individuals who were around during their run but not fans have suddenly changed their tune. Jayden Hawley (11) is amongst these individuals and admitted she lacked an interest in the brothers. She “doesn’t care about the Jonas Brothers” but believes that “their new song slaps (a slang term for really good) .”

The band has overall been met with positive reception. While some degrade their success, claiming it is the novelty of a nostalgic music group coming back together that fuels the interest, it is otherwise praised. The newest single has left fans, both new and old, hungry for more.