The Impact of Interracial Couples in Social Media

A picture of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas in classic Indian wear before their wedding.

A picture of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas in classic Indian wear before their wedding.

Malieka Khan, Editor

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have recently gotten married towards the end of 2018, but their wedding specifically stood out to millions of people all around the world – literally. With Chopra being from India and Jonas being born in the states, much buzz has been going around about the interracial couple.

This was not only stirred up because of Jonas’ popularity, but also because of Chopra’s wide spread celebrity status throughout the Bollywood industry in India. This is the world’s largest film industry, not to mention her reach into Hollywood as well. She has now become a household name and even an inspiration to many Indian women in the film industry.

As for Nick Jonas, his childhood success that had been sparked from his old days on Disney Channel had made his name famous to all the girls (and boys) born before 2005. The idol was a part of the band Jonas Brothers who even had their own show at one point. Once their popularity fizzled out as many child stars’ do, the band broke up in a sense and Nick Jonas was not heard from till his big 2014 hit “Jealous” that put him back on the charts.

The big moments of the wedding involved the fact that the wedding was not only a mix of both cultures that came from both families, but also took place in Chopra’s home land in India. The dress that she had worn had been a classic Indian sari, simply in white to go along with Jonas’ customs. Not to mention the pictures they had posted on Instagram had been in both her red vibrant sari and an elegant white dress that she wore during her second ceremony.

Chopra and Jonas’ wedding stood for something much more than many people who do not understand the situation believe. The incorporation of both cultures and the families alone show to many many women and men who have been raised by families with deep and intricate backgrounds that by loving someone who may have a different past then you won’t make you lose it. A student at the school who is personally going through this is Justin Lopez (11) who states how in that type of relationship “you get to learn more about each other’s differences, and that brings you closer together”.

Through this wedding and love, culture stayed and even thrived. Families all around the world are shutting down their children and siblings and even cousins because they feel that having a culturally different background means one person will have to give theirs up. But, the marriage between Jonas and Chopra not only fought against that but did it in such a way that gives hope and help shows those that may believe in loving another race or culture or gender can not only survive but thrive as well.

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s marriage will stand as a symbol of love that transcends culture and religion to many. Not because it shuts down culture, but because it embraces both sides of each of the other’s culture whole heartedly. This sets an example for the idea that many people are becoming more open to, despite some who can not see the positive results, that cultural differences do not make lives more complex, but rather more interesting and fulfilling.