Hardest Battle in High School

As second semester starts, most seniors begin to lose motivation in finishing off the year strong.

Courtesy of Memedroid

As second semester starts, most seniors begin to lose motivation in finishing off the year strong.

Tiffany Vo, Photojournalist

Throughout a high school student’s life, they are bound to experience countless battles. Senior year, in particular, the second semester challenges students with the hardest battle of their academic journey: senioritis.


Since college applications are over and summer is only a few short months away, it is natural for a student to lose productivity and slip into a state of uncontrollable laziness. Still, at this point in the game, losing motivation can lead to developments of bad habits and loss of opportunities. Derick Ma (Former Student) warns upcoming college students that “it will only get harder after high school.” To finish off with a final punch, here are reasons why students SHOULDN’T give in to the toxicity of senioritis.


  1. Unproductive Tendencies

By slacking off and abandoning good study habits, one can enter a slippery slope where it will be extremely difficult to regain the practice of discipline. Signs of being in a lazy state of mind can include skipping classes, being disrespectful to teachers, appearing late every day, and ignoring assignments. Senioritis isn’t something that can simply be turned off. If not stopped early, these routines can evolve and be carried into college. Remember that it isn’t summer yet, although the awaited rest is near.


  1. College Drops

Due to college letters of acceptance, a student can get a false sense of safety, believing it is acceptable to ignore their second semester grades. However, some colleges offer admission with the student’s promise of completing certain courses. At the end of the year, if the staff discovers a student’s poor grades, they may be led to believing that the student is not ready to tackle the academic pressure of college and inevitably reject some individuals.


  1. Too Early in the Game

Seniors inevitably rule the high school. Sat at the top of the food chain, seniors take pride in being the oldest on campus. As most teenagers are turning eighteen and becoming an adult, some believe that they have “made it.” Although completing high school is a significant accomplishment, life continues to progress, bringing future struggles and hard work every step of the way. It is too early in the game to completely lose the momentum of work. Take advantage of the final months of high school by preparing for college or any opportunities quickly advancing. Countless hours of studying and learning should not be thrown away because one is tired. High school can bring rain into one’s life, but the future will bring a thunderstorm.


Keep pushing to the limit. Finish off strong and the good results will guarantee satisfaction.