The Aftermath of the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting


USA Today

Above, Mourners remember the people who lost their lives so violently and tragically.

Brandon Russell, Editor In Chief

Tree of Life synagogue was originally a place of worship and safety to that of the Jewish community in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; however, what was once known as a holy and peaceful place, soon turned into a deadly and life altering place of pleading cries and gunshots.


Over the past decades, that of mass shootings has been nothing short of a large occurrence in the United States. Saturday Morning, in this Jewish Pittsburgh Synagogue, was nothing short of a travesty and horrific act of hate. After a Gunman opened fire on a church full of Jewish worshipers, the outcome was all too familiar. According to CNN, that of “eleven individuals were killed, and it was the largest attack on the Jewish community in the United States to date.”


Although this tragic massacre comes as a travesty and horrific occurence in the Jewish community, that of Robert Bowers, the gunman who opened fire on the synagogue, believed that “All Jews should die,” and that “anti-semitism” should be provoked toward the Jewish community, According to CNN. Bowers, is known to have acted alone in this act and is facing over twenty-nine federal charges in regards to murder and anti-semitism. These charges are largely leaned towards that of punishable by death. What is interesting about this tragic occurrence is that the US attorney in Pittsburgh, Scott Brady, is “seeking approval to receive the death penalty against Bowers,” according to CNN.


Now known as the most “horrific crime scene” instead of the beautiful place of worship it once was, that of the occurrence of this mass shooting in Tree Hill Pittsburgh Synagogue is one that goes beyond just the world of the Jewish religion and people within the congregation. Brooks Perry (11) is astonished by “how much hate and anti-semitism is coming to the surface in our society today. [he] is mourning for all those that lost their lives and how unnecessary their death was because of a crazy and racist person.”


Donald Trump, according to CNN, decided to “lower all flags at half mast” to honor the deaths of the victims killed in the mass shooting. Treating the shooting as a hate crime for now,  the deaths of the elven individuals who lost their life comes as a plea for help in this mass shooting craze that continues to plague the United States as a whole.


As respect to the victims of the shooting, their names will be left unsaid for now, but their loss of life comes as such a unnecessary and horrific tragedy that is now being mourned not only by the city of Pittsburgh but the the United States as a whole.


To donate to the victims’ families for funeral services and other tributes, visit this go fund me page.