How Important Is Homecoming?


A group of students who are about to attend homecoming dressed in darker dresses as to fit with the “Nightmare Before Christmas” theme.

Malieka Khan, Editor

The annual Homecoming dance at Yorba Linda High School (YLHS) came around again, sparking the conversation of whether or not it is an important dance to go to. Some may argue that other dances, like prom, are more important for the student body to attend. However, a majority of the dances are similar in style simply at different times in the year; what they symbolize is the major difference between each one.

Homecoming is the first semi formal dance of the year that includes the entire student body. This makes it a much more inclusive and, perhaps, enchanting dance that everyone can join in on to have a fun time. Not to mention, the suspense and fun around the theme gives the student body a wide array of subjects to discuss and talk about. Such holiday themed dances, as this year’s, also spark excitement within the people attending, especially those who love the ideas revolving them. This year’s theme “The Nightmare Before Homecoming” was a hit amongst the students because it was an amazing idea that almost every student can attach childhood memories with. This can be shown through students such as Shannon Adler (11) stating how “Ever since I was a kid I have loved ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ and seeing it be the dance theme just made me want to go even more”.

Prom on the other hand, is seen as a more special and fancy dance. Yet, many may not like what makes it so special as much as what makes homecoming more unique. Both show a theme and even are somewhat formal, but many see prom as on a different level than homecoming due to the nature of it itself. Homecoming is a more important dance to attend because it sets a precedent over the rest of the year and the activities that are attended at YL. Though prom is more extravagant and perhaps more of an event, many students would like the non pressure and easy going vibe that homecoming supplies, especially because it is more traditional to go to homecoming with a group. Though of course anyone can go to prom no matter who they attend with, if anyone at all, a lot of prom revolves around a more mature status of high school rather than the laid back feeling homecoming can give off. As a high schooler it is more fun and perhaps better to go to a dance that resembles the time and feeling of the students attending, which is why homecoming is arguably more fun to attend.

In the end, both dances are seen as amazing ways to get out and enjoy the school and the many experiences it has to offer for the student boy. Whether a student decides to jump on the opportunity to go to the first dance of the year or they choose to rather save up some money to attend the more extravagant end of the year ball, it is almost certain they will have an amazing time dancing and making memories.