From Paper to Electronics

What used to take hundreds of pieces of paper to record can now all be stored in one computer.

Samuel Kelly

What used to take hundreds of pieces of paper to record can now all be stored in one computer.

Amber Reddish, Photojournalist

Ever since the printing press, all kinds of writings have been readily available in various forms of paper. In the new era there has been a shift away from paper and towards different forms of technology. Whether that means online magazines, textbooks, e-books, or newspapers, all of these things are available to the public at the click of a keyboard. Many consider this to be a modern phenomenon, yet how does the loss of paper affect the world we live in today?

For the most part, the rise of virtual texts comes at the benefit of readers. E-books are usually substantial cheaper than paper books and online newspapers and magazines are usually free. Despite the cheaper costs, some people, such as Zyra Rehman (12), feel that “the extra cost for the paper book is worth it because turning the pages of a real book is completely different than tapping a screen.” Many readers agree with Ms. Rehman, yet others appreciate the lower costs and believe that since it is the same words it doesn’t matter whether they are on paper or a screen. On top of this by using less paper the environment is also being helped due to the decrease in demand for paper, which saves a large amount of trees.

Everything has its ups and downs, and online texts are no different. The new evolution of texts brings with it many new technological advancements, yet it also takes away many old jobs and industries. This shift has significantly decreased the paper, printing, and ink industries. As a result many people have lost their jobs and many companies have gone out of business. This new technology also leads to cyclical unemployment, which negatively affects our nation’s economy. Despite the negatives that come with these advancements, evolution is inevitable so it is necessary that workers from the affected industries learn to evolve and fit into the new world.

Here at Yorba Linda High School, our newspaper, “The Wrangler,” is keeping up with these literary developments by publishing new articles every week on their award winning website, On top of this they also create a yearly magazine, which is printed and distributed to all the students and staff at Yorba Linda High School. By publishing both weekly articles and a yearly magazine, this newspaper does a great job of progressing with the future, as well as carrying on the traditions of the past.