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Yorba Linda’s Future Town Center


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A conceptual drawing of what the Yorba Linda’s Town Center might look like.

Juliette Fournier, Editor

After years of planning and months of building, Yorba Linda will introduce its new Town Center later in the year. Although the date of the opening has not been revealed, the City of Yorba Linda hints at its opening sometime late Fall 2018, around Thanksgiving. However, the people of Yorba Linda will have to wait until Spring 2019 before the majority of tenants open their stores/ restaurants.

Yorba Linda’s new Town Center will be located at the intersection of Imperial Highway and Yorba Linda Boulevard, right next to Yorba Linda’s historic Main Street. In reality, a town center already exists, but currently only offers a fire station, historic church, businesses, and the Yorba Linda Public Library. Incidentally, the Yorba Linda Public Library will be moved to a larger location, and a new Arts Center will be added as well. This project is to be completed by the Summer of 2020.

The whole structure will be centered around a Bristol Farms and a new Regal Cinema. Other tenants have also reserved spaces in the future Town Center. While there is still room for more tenants, the tenants right now include the following:

-Peet’s Coffee and Tea

-the Habit Burger Grill



-Seasurf Fish Co.

-the Pie Hole

-Bristol Farms

-Regal Cinemas

-Modern Acupuncture

-the Lash Lounge

-Quarters Korean BBQ

-Blaze Pizza

-Apola Gyro Grill

-Club Pilates

-the Blind Pig

-Cafe Rio

News of the Town Center’s opening is exciting to Yorba Linda High School students. A social center that is both pedestrian friendly and offers food and entertainment is perfect for high schoolers to meet up and hang out. Kennedy Maddock (12) looks forward to seeing the new Town Center open and, since she is a senior, hopes “they finish building… soon.” She most looks forward to “Bristol Farms” opening due to the “cooking classes” they offer and “food that is not in other grocery stores.” Similarly to Kennedy, Amina Abdelbary (12) can’t wait for “all these new openings in our community” since it “gives us teens more…places to hang out with our friends.” Amina did express concern when “they took out the field and trees to construct” because it “destroyed some habitats, which is not healthy for our environment.”

As of early October, the parking structure has been completed, and the builders have moved on to build the rest of the center. When it is complete, citizens of Yorba Linda will finally have the social center they have been wanting. Not only will it provide entertainment and dining, but the center will also have an open-air plaza called “The Commons” where anyone to gather and socialize. The new Town Center is sure to help the community interact more with neighbors and friends and create a closer community in Yorba Linda.

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