Club Spotlight: German Club


Stephen Serrano

Jade Low (11) and Allie Mortenson (11) excitedly promote German Club during club rush.

Emily Ito , Section Editor

Yorba Linda High School is filled with rich and diverse culture. Different ethnicities, religions, languages, and sexual orientations are well represented and celebrated. As a way of furthering appreciation of varying groups, clubs such as the Mormon Club, LGBTQ Club, Spanish Club, and more have formed. One club in particular that is a large part of the YLHS community is the German Club.  

The German Club is an incredible group with a mission to spread German culture throughout YLHS. It has become increasingly popular on the YLHS campus, sporting more than 40 members. While the club took a hiatus, it was revived by Katelyn Birchfield (11) and Jade Low (11) during the 2017-2018 school year. During that year, the club had limited activities and events, but since then it has flourished into an amazing group that many students want to be apart of.  

One of the many great opportunities that is hopefully coming back with the revival of the club is The German National Honor Society. According to one of the German Club board members they are considering restarting this amazing program which would give a number of students the opportunity to receive accolades for their success in the German language.

The club meets once a month to plan and discuss fundraisers, events, and more. Since food is unanimously loved, the German club mainly focus their fundraisers on selling German foods and goodies. A very popular fundraiser that the club hosts is the selling of large soft pretzels. This particular fundraiser is a huge hit among both German students and the rest of the YLHS student body. In addition to their popular food fundraisers, The German Club is planning to raise more money by selling German advent calendars. These fundraisers are a great way to not only raise funds that will go back to advancing the club, but also spread the German culture and promote the foreign language.

While the club seems like an exclusive group for only German language students, everyone is welcome to take part in the excitement. German club has become a large part of the campus culture and has become increasingly popular this year. The board is excited to watch as their club continues to grow and improve. Jade Low (11) was incredibly enthusiastic and “thinks German Club is an amazing club. Not only do members get to meet students from different levels of German, members also get to delve deeper into the German culture and become more interested in it.” The club is a great asset to Yorba Linda High School and provides students with the opportunity to get more involved in campus life, explore deeper into a foreign culture, and meet amazing new people.