Field of Success: Mustang Football


Sarah Lemos

Yorba Linda High School’s varsity football team practicing hard for upcoming game.

Sarah Lemos, Photojournalist

“Football takes a lot of responsibility and hard work, but the rewards are enough,” said Scott Giuliano (10), player #14 on the YLHS Junior Varsity team. The Yorba Linda Football program trains their players to be the best they can everyday. The coaches give players new plays to cover, and then the players apply it to themselves and work to improve the play. Coach Ray’s (Staff) favorite part of being apart of the team is “when you show them something new and you see that new skill in the game.” Coach Bailey trains the kids to be prepared for any challenges that come their way, and he always tries to turn them into champions. Coach Wren (Staff) says the team improves every week and hopes for them to be the best in a few weeks. The coaches are hoping to get better as a program and to move forward with the team.

Every week, the football team works hard to pull in another successful win at their games against teams across the county. They’ve started to train harder after moving up to playoff division four this summer, the coaches hope to get better everyday and to reach C.I.F. Champions. The team has also been ranked #16 on “Fryer’s Vote: Orange County High School top 25”, written by Steve Fryer on the Coach Bailey says, “We have a great future with a good freshman team; our future looks bright.” All the coaches hope to prepare the players for C.I.F. Bronson Mitchell (10), player #75 on the Junior Varsity/Varsity team, says, “I hope we win C.I.F.; the competition is a little harder this year.”

A lot of the players enjoy being on the team because they’re like a second family; they all hang out together and enjoy each other’s company. Multiple players often find new friendships when being out there with the teammates everyday– it’s one part they enjoy about football, second to being legal to hit someone. The cheerleaders enjoy seeing the team improve and cheering them on to do their best. “I Love watching the JV football team play because it shows all their hard work pay off,” said Cameron Chen (9), a cheerleader on the Junior Varsity Cheer team. Students enjoy supporting the team as much as the cheerleaders at the games on Thursdays and Fridays. Players enjoy having the support from both groups, it always encourages them to try harder.

So whenever possible, come out and support the Yorba Linda High School Football team. They work hard and hope to see smiles on the faces after another victory for the team. These players push themselves every game, every scrimmage, and every practice. They all hope for a bright future in the program and hope to become the next C.I.F champions. “Just come out and support the team,” as Coach Ray says. It wouldn’t hurt to just give a little cheer to fellow players.