An Era of Sensitivity

This meme demonstrates the problem of sensitivity commonly seen on Twitter.


This meme demonstrates the problem of sensitivity commonly seen on Twitter.

Amber Reddish, Photojournalist

In today’s society there are many social issues and injustices that are addressed by both media and government. These topics include racial, religious, and even political issues. Although these issues are normal to occur in any country, the public no longer handles them in a respectable way. Instead our countries public responds with outrage and unhappiness at things that could have easily been ignored or overlooked.

With today’s younger generation many people are overly privileged. They expect to be told what they want to hear and for nothing offensive to ever be uttered in their presence. Although this is a fine point of view to hold, it does not change the fact that it as an unrealistic expectation. As an individual it is impossible to control the opinions of those around you so by expecting people around you to conform to your ideals you are being unrealistic and you are more than likely to be disappointed. We need to find a way to change our outlook as a country. If we could accept people’s differing opinions with open minds and open hearts we are much more likely to be united as a single unit, rather than multiple divided sectors waring against each other.

Since our younger generations get offended so easily it is practically impossible to have an opinion on any topic. Madison Dekker (11) says she “hates going on twitter because every joke gets bombarded with hatred from offended millennials.” This is how a lot of people feel concerning today’s social media. It is sad that people feel they have the right to degrade each other based on their separate and individual beliefs. Everyone has their own opinions, and everyone should be allowed to have their own opinions. If we all get offended every time someone has a different opinion than us then we are essentially taking away people’s abilities to voice their opinions. The last thing we want to do is infringe on the First Amendment.

Frankly, the solution to this problem is simple. We all need to learn to have our own individual opinions while at the same time being respectful of the opinions of those around us. We need to create an atmosphere where it’s ok to voice our opinions without being shot down by those with opposing views. Once we accomplish this we will then be able to progress as a whole to reform these issues that persevere in our country.