Gary Cohn to Resign over disagreement on Tariffs


Below, Cohn makes one last walk from the White house to the Presidential mall for his departure.

Brandon Russell, Editor

On Tuesday, March 6, Gary Cohn announced that he would be resigning over the wake of a disagreement with President Trump over the implementation of Tariffs in our country. With rumors spreading about Cohn to be the next chief of staff, this announcement came as a shock to many in the political world.


Trump took to Twitter to voice his opinion by saying Cohn “did a superb job in driving my agenda, helping deliver historic tax cuts, and unleashing the American economy once again.” With the next economic advisor yet to be determined, President Trump is determined to find someone in which will “continuously drive his economic agenda” and aid in the implementation of tariffs within the United States according to CNN. With this resignation coming as a surprise to many in the economic world, this decision by Cohn is seen to be alerting the American people of the President’s ability to maintain and control his staff. WIth this coming as one of the many resignations in the past month, the American people are starting to worry about the people in which Trump will hire next to his staff.


The former Goldman Sachs executive is believed to be stirring up a vast amount of chaos on Wall Street. With Dow plummeting 300 points in the wake of Cohn’s resignation, the “nationalists trade agenda is becoming strained” and many questions are being raised on the direction in which Trump’s staff is taking not only in the economic world but within all industries of the White House according to CNN.


Cameron Carlson (11) believes that Cohn’s resignation “will have a detrimental impact on all economic plans and future implementation of economic laws,” also that “Trump needs to start handling his staff and make them stay rather than to have them keep resigning.” It is yet to be decided who will take the place of Cohn; however, the top candidate in which President Trump is considering is Larry Kudlow. With his name being the top discussion item on Trump’s agenda, the president believes that Kudlow could “follow through on the implementation of steel and aluminum tariffs in the United States.


This idea of tariffs on steel and aluminum, according to Andrew Healis (12) “is something that is beneficial because steel is one of our main exports,” and will allow for “the American steel industry to profit off of these tariffs.” With the wake of Cohn’s resignation, It is not known who can drive President Trump’s economic agenda to its full extent; however, it is assured that Trump has “not forgotten about Kudlow” and will consider the many people who are fighting for the new White House Economic advisor position.