The Overwhelming Problem in Pursuing Perfection


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The fumes of effort form that of perfection in all of life’s overwhelming challenges. Can it be contained?

Brandon Russell, Editor

Living in a society in which almost demands perfection in every area of life is one in which our world is starting to form into today. The idea that anything less than an A in school is considered detrimental and the fact that getting second place is seen as a worthless attempt, the mental health of young teenagers is starting to take a turn for the worse. Perfection, according to CNN, is an “impossible goal,” in which can not be achieved in society. However, the belief that one day the impossible can be done and perfection can be reached has yet to remain restless in the eyes of our world.


The caveat in the pursuit of perfection is that it “doesn’t always propel one to greatness in societal life,” moreover, it is a trait that is having a dramatic effect on young teenagers “mental health and stability” according to CNN. With parents pushing their kids to insurmountable heights in the department of school and athletics, the push for perfection in their respected crafts becomes the main goal and or ultimate victory. This push from parents may seem right in the moment; to say that achievement only comes through success, and social hierarchy is the main goal in life. I wholeheartedly agree that perfection should be pursued each and every day. However, it is not the push for perfection, but the ideals and true meaning of perfection that is flawed in everyday life.


The true meaning of perfection cannot be simply defined in just one concrete definition. Conversely, it is the morals of the person pursuing it that ultimately chooses what their pursuit of perfection will entail. With individuals becoming more individualistic and relying on self motivation with “socially prescribed” motivation, a CNN study found a “thirty three percent increase in socially prescribed perfection” from 1989 to 2016.


Along with pursuing perfection comes how you are viewed from the eyes of people in society. Teenagers become more demanding and critical of themselves when they feel they are being judged or critiqued. This self inflicted stress is seen to arise due to that of trying to pursue perfection. Not only is it putting unnecessary stress on young adults, but it is adding a terrifying value in the human anatomy. Depression.


When one does not succeed, feelings of deep regret and emotion come to light. Regrets of what they could have done to win, or what they could have done to change the course of their life, causes insurmountable pain to that of young teenagers in society today. When Zac Hardison (11) goes through a rough game, “the feeling of regret and what [he] could have done to be better, rush into [his] brain.” While students strive to be the best they can be and pursue the title of perfect, that of prolonging health problems start to mount. Not am I saying that perfection is something that is unreachable; however, the way in which we pursue this title is one that can either make or break the health of the people striving for it.